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GRE is an exam to take admission in Post-graduation or Ph.D. in remarkable institutions or universities. The universities are allotted according to the score obtained by the candidate in GRE or his/her previous subjects. This exam comprises 3 sections i.e. analytical writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative reasoning. The time allotted to each section is of 60 minutes. It is very important to practice these sections taking care of the time factor, especially the Quant section. A lot of GRE quant practice can help you to improve your GRE Quant test score. Here are some tips which if followed can help you to score well on the GRE quant test.

  • Never waste time on a single question: As you know, you have limited time to solve the questions and it’s never good to waste time on a single question. Hence, you should move on to the next question rather than wasting time on it.
  • Use the process of elimination: The elimination process always works when you get stuck at any question. It is the process in which you can start eliminating or rejecting the options which seem the most irrelevant or wrong. And can work on the options which are left behind by substituting them into equations.
  • Keep an eye on the clock: It is very important to keep track of time both at the time of preparation and exam. So, you don’t waste time on a topic less important.
  • Attempt all the GRE questions: Always try to attempt all the questions even if there is less time and take advantage of no negative marking. You can make smart guesses when there is less time, rest depends upon your luck.
  • Understand test format: Before preparing for the exam, always understand its format first. This will help you to strategize your time according to your strength and weakness.
  • Simplify your equations: You can simplify quant’s expressions by mentally or manually removing the zeroes of the given equation. For example, 280000/19; In this, you simply remove 4 zeroes and you are left with 28/19 and hence you can easily solve it and later on add zeroes to the answer.
  • Consider all the possibilities: While solving the quant’s section, it is very important to consider all the possible answers. For example, while solving inequalities questions, it might be possible that there are 2 or 3 answers which should be assessed before answering.
  • Build an error log: You can maintain an error log at excel in which you can list down all the topics you will be studying and then can jot down the errors you made while giving a mock test for that particular topic. This will help you to improve a lot and know where you are lacking.

Hence, these are some tips that can be followed to score well in the GRE quant section. Moreover, you can also learn some tricks to solve the questions which will save you time. You should boost your mental health and stay calm before and while appearing for the exam. Last but not the least, you can practice a lot of mock tests and previous year’s exams which will help you to get a hand on time.


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