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If you want to rank in CA Foundation exams with AIR 1 but you are not aware of the correct planning to begin the preparation? Then you are on the right article which helps you to discover the best solution to your problem.

CA foundation exam is the very first milestone to clear Chartered Acountancy course. The CA foundation syallbus includes the four subjects. Each subject contains 100 marks paper. And in total CA foundation exam is of 400 marks out of which 50% marks are required for passing the examination.

VSI Jaipur is the superior coaching Institute for CA students. At VSI Jaipur, You will get the prime and superior CA Foundation syllabus preparation traits for every course of study. Their goal is to help each student in learning and improving their journey in becoming a CA.

The VSI preparation tips and strategies to rank have helped their aspirants to rise and shine in the CA Results. Together with amazing marks and top ranks.

Further, Read the entire article for CA foundation preparation tips. Along with the toppers strategies of CA foundation study plan.

Defined 5 Tips to Pass CA Foundation Exam

Before the exams, you need to follow some preparation tips to precisely use the time. So, follow these tips with VSI Jaipur:

#1 Study Time-Table for CA foundation

It is vital to make a proper time-table. The one who have a thought that it is wastage of time to prepare a time-table. For them it is essential to comprehend the effectiveness of time table. By preparing a time table you would be able to cover all the topics of the subjects even without thinking of what to study next. Therefore, start picking up your subjects and allocate time to every subject and chapter as per the days left.

#2 Make a Hand-written notes

Every students must need to prepare the handwritten notes as they plays a vital role in last moment. CA foundation course is enormous and it is not possible to relearn the whole course in one day. So, the best source at that time is your hand-made notes to revise the syllabus. Hence, preparing short handmade notes will be very helpful at the last time.

#3 Take Short-breaks

For effective and effeicient study or learning. Students should not need to study continously for 4-5 hours. He/she should need to take a break of atleast 15 mins in regular hours to refresh their mind. However, mornings are the best time to study the theory subjects and thereafter the practical subjects. Also, at the end of the day do revision of whatever you have studied in the whole day.

#4 Requires regular study

To score good marks with AIR in CA Foundation, candiadates need to study and work hard regularly with full enthusiasm and dedication for attaining the desired results.

#5 Model Test Paper’s and Revision Test Paper’s

MTPs and RTP’s is a very essence in passing CA foundation examinations. Both MTP’s and RTP’s both the papers helps the students to manage time and taught to answers the questions truely and correctly.


Toppers Strategies to Rank in CA Foundation

Here are the few strategies of topper’s to get AIR (All in India Rank) in the CA foundation exam.

  • firstly, in the CA foundation exam to score rank is very easy. But what required is have to understand the clear concept for every topic.
  • Secondly, CA foundation aspirants can make their schedule like one theory and one practical subjects.
  • Thirdly, Candidates are required to enhance their writing skills. And by practicing RTP’s and MTP’s students can improve the writing skills.
  • Fourthly, for clearing CA foundation with rank students should need to study atleast 10 hours on regular basis.
  • Fifth, CA foundation aspirants should divide the entire syllabus into parts. Also, this will be helpful in easy learning and undertanding of the topic.
  • Lastly, Students should be very focused and goal-oritented while studying.


FAQ’s of CA Foundation

  1. What are the subjects of CA foundation examination?

Ans. – There are 4 subjects in the CA foundation examination. The names of subjects are:-

  • Principles and Practices of Accounting
  • Mercantile Law and General English
  • Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, and Statistics
  • Business Economics & Business and Commercial Knowledge
  1. Which Institue provides you with the latest and revised syllabus of the CA foundation exam?

Ans. – VSI Jaipur helps students by providing the latest and revised  CA foundation exam syllabus.

  1. Is there is any negative marketing in the CA foundation examination?

Ans. – Yes, there is a .025 negative marking for every wrong answer.

  1. Students are allowed to use calculator in their exams or not?

Ans. – Yes, students re allowed to use Calculator in their CA Foundation Exams.

  1. Do ICAI foundation RTP’s and MTP’s helpful for revision?

Ans: Yes, ICAI foundation MTP’s and RTP’s are beneficial for aspirants last moment revision.

  1. Is the ICAI CA foundation study material helpful?

Ans: Yes, the ICAI CA foundation study material is important and helpful. Students can download ICAI CA foundation study material from VSI.

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