percentage calculation
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When I was in school calculating my exam marks percent was my first task after my examination. Every student of colleges or schools wants to know his percentages of marks so that he or she can know what division they got in 10th, 12th board exam or any other college or university exam.

What is a percentage?

A percentage is nothing but fraction ratio of any number. It is denoted by symbol % (Percent). Lets make it more simple, If 100 is a number then 50 of hundred (50/100) is called the 50% of 100. If we change the number from 100 to 1000 then the 50 Percent of 1000 will be 5000, which is also half of the number 1000. If we divide the number 1000 by 4 we will get 25% of the number 1000.

Formula of calculating percentage of any number

Here is the simple formula of calculating the percent of a number. You can use this formula to calculate the percentage of any number.


Percentage, % = (Value / Total Value) × 100


How to calculate the % of marks

Each class students wants to calculate their exam marks percent. The calculation depends on how many subjects marks you are adding to get your final result. In some classes like CBSE 10th class or CBSE 12th class subjects number may vary from stream to stream. Some students may have only 5 subjects while some may have 6 subjects.

Steps to calculate the percentage of marks

  1. Add all the obtained marks and divide it with the maximum marks of the exam test.
  2. multiple this number with 100 and you will get the desired percent.

Example to calculate the percent of mark

Let a student obtained total 540 marks in 6 different subjects out of 600 maximum marks. Then the percent will be calculated like  : % of marks = (540/600)*100

% of marks = 90%

percent calculation



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