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As technology is advanced there is an ample rise in online things. In the education field also the technology is best utilized. Imparting knowledge through online video lectures digitally is so common these days. This gave a sudden rise to the online classes. Today we see that online coaching is provided by different channels and websites over the internet. The hard task is to opt the best out of them.  Vidyasetulearning is one such online library that is spreading its roots all over India. Free video classes from the best faculty for commerce subjects like accounts, business studies, economics have helped students to score more than 90% in these subjects.  Every student aspires to get the best CBSE class 11th online classes. As time passes, the demand for online classes is increased. Thus a majority of students are now taking online lectures to gain knowledge on their desirable subjects.

We can opt and choose the best CBSE class 11th online classes after considering some of the important factors listed below:-

  • Faculty- Faculty is the first thing that one should seek while opting the online classes. A good coaching center has the best experienced and renowned faculty. All the video lectures are prepared by the top best teachers in the country. The faculty imparts the lecture in a very dignified and skilled manner. Faculty is the main USP of any site that provides CBSE class 11th online classes. The most crucial backbone of any great institution are its teachers. Teachers provide the right guidance to the aspiring candidates who witness their video lectures. They are the crucial backbone of the online classes.
  • Fees-Fees of the online classes is another crucial aspect to consider. A good reputed site will charge some decent fees to give the service. Sites that demand genuine nominal charges should be opted to have the online learning process. The good online class is the one that charges low fees especially considering the budget of the middle-class candidates.
  • Online Facilities-Very good online facilities are offered by the reputed sites that offer CBSE class 11th online classes. In this, topics are explained in detail. One can easily pause and play the lectures so well. It helps students to understand the topics more easily and in a simpler way.
  • Videos-A good coaching institute will generate informational videos on all the major topics of the subject. In this way, maximum benefit is obtained by the hardworking students. All the videos are uploaded in good HD quality so that students can clearly watch them. As visual memories are the strongest memories so it becomes much easier for students to grasp the topics with ease after watching the videos.
  • Syllabus-A good online class is the one that covers the entire syllabus of the topic in its video lectures. All the relevant and mandatory topics are covered in the online classes. The online lectures are created topic wise so that the students can easily witness them accordingly.
  • Method of teaching-Method of teaching is another important fact to consider while choosing the best online classes. The best site offers a simplified teaching methodology that proves helpful to the students. The way of teaching creates the difference. In a very easy manner, the video lectures are explained by a good institute.

Comparison Chart of Vidyasetu, Vedantu and Byjus

Vedantu Byjus Vidya Setu
Faculty Experienced Most experienced Very Good
Online Facility Provided Provided Provided
Fees Chargeable Chargeable Free
Syllabus Not Updated Updated Completely Updated
Videos Good quality Good Quality HD quality

Benefits of Choosing the Best CBSE class 11th online classes

There are multiple benefits that one can have while choosing the Best CBSE class 11th online classes. They are listed below:-

  • It becomes easy for the students to grasp the key concepts through online video lectures imparted by the top experienced faculties.
  • The syllabus is very well covered as there are separate videos made on each and every topic.
  • With online classes, no lecture is missed and students have the opportunity to watch the recorded lectures anytime at any place.
  • Students become more disciplined, organized, and result-oriented after taking the online lectures.
  • One can make the most out of technology by taking online classes.
  • Online classes are a powerful tool as anybody can access them with the help of the internet and at any time of the day, one can take them.
  • If some student is sick and is unable to attend the lectures physically by going to classes then such students can easily go for the online lectures.
  • Students can easily have all their doubts and queries cleared while having the online classes. As each and every topic is explained so well.
  • Students become goal-oriented and study by making smart strategies after having the online lectures.
  • Online classes have helped students to get best results in exams.


We see that having online classes have multiple benefits and advantages. Certain features should be analyzed properly while opting for the best CBSE class 11th online classes. Faculty, fees, and teaching methodology are the main aspects to consider while opting for online video lectures.


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