5 Reasons to Study B.Sc Animation Course

From Movies, Television, Gaming, and Multimedia, to Advertising, E-Learning, Websites, and Digital Marketing, the scope of studying B.Sc in Animation is indeed prolific today. What seemed like an unconventional or off-beat academic pathway earlier has gradually evolved into a mainstream career choice now. The demand for Animation Professionals is at an all-time high across various industries. And it is not just confined to the Entertainment Sector, but across IT, Education, Marketing, and Media as well. The best colleges in Noida, Delhi, Lucknow, Ghaziabad, Chandigarh, and many other cities are offering full-fledged graduation degree courses in Animation and Multimedia. For aspiring creative minds who are mesmerized by this incredible fusion of art with technology, here are 5 top reasons to graduate in Animation Studies.

  1. A Holistic Professional Course replete with Vocational Skills 

A graduate degree course in Animation has an extremely detailed curriculum. All integral aspects pertaining to Animation and Multimedia like Art, Visual Effects, Animation Design and 3 Modelling are covered. For students who are more inclined towards the Entertainment Industry, there are lessons on Animation Film Study, Pre-Production, and even Elective Subjects like Acting. To nurture the artistic flair of aspiring Animation Experts, there are study modules on Colour Study, Digital Art, Lighting, and Elective Subjects like Painting and Sculpting. Apart from the core subjects of animation, there are non-core areas like Multimedia, Graphics and Production. Therefore, B.Sc in Animation is indeed a holistic 3-years course with plenty of diverse vocational skills to imbibe.

  1. Excellent Career Opportunities both within India and Abroad 

The demand for talented Animation Professionals today has surged more than ever before. If you have aspirations to immigrate to a developed country, then getting a graduation degree in Animation and Multimedia can give you the much-required extra edge. VFX and Motion Graphic designer vacancies are aplenty in the Entertainment Industry across India as well as abroad. Once you amass the required experience, you can even take up teaching and senior consultant role in the realm of Animation and Multimedia.

  1. Streamlines your Creative/Artistic Abilities to the best use 

As a parent, if you feel that your child’s artistic abilities will not be able to fetch him a rewarding career, you are mistaken. While conventional Fine Art might have limited scope, the myriad opportunities for BSC in Animation Experts are truly astounding. Particularly if you have graduated in Animation and Multimedia studies from the best colleges in Noida, the scope is vast. Off late, the Corporate Sector in India as abroad has been hiring Video Editors, Motion Graphic Designers, Technical Animators, Corporate Training Content Creators, and so on. The pay packages are pretty impressive, and the course streamlines your child’s artistic talents into a thriving career.

  1. Great Opportunity for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs 

If you are not very particular about pursuing typical 9 to 5 office jobs, then Animation gives you the ideal, unconventional career pathway. You can work as a Freelance Animation Specialist and liaise with multiple clients to work on different challenging and exciting projects. If you are passionate about Entertainment, you can set up your own VFX studio, and even start your own Production House for Animation Movies and Shows.

  1. BSc in Animation being offered by top-notch Colleges 

Probably a decade or two earlier, Educational Institutions in India lacked the wherewithal to provide quality education as far as Animation Studies were concerned. But today, some of the best colleges in Noida and Delhi-NCR are renowned across India for providing world-class Animation and Multimedia Courses. No longer do you have to go abroad to get effectively trained in Visual Effects, Art Design and 2D/3D Animation. Several renowned Educational Institutions in India boast of the latest curriculum, well-experienced faculty members, and top-notch teaching methodology for budding Animation and Multimedia Specialists.


As parents and students aspiring for professional excellence in the 21st century, it is high time that we grow out of the typical mindset of confining career choices to Engineering or Medicine. The rollout of initiatives like Digital India, have given a big impetus to young professionals to pursue diverse career choices in the realm of Technology, Digital Media, Gaming, and Entertainment. If the dynamic combination of design, visuals, and technology intrigues you, then B.Sc in Animation is indeed a professional course that will nurture your potential to the fullest. An enthralling career with multiple prospects awaits you for sure!

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