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The NCERT books are compiled keeping in mind the need for making NEET topics easier to understand. However, the answer to the question of whether it is sufficient to crack NEET is complex. In order to do justice when answering the question; we need to understand what is the goal of an individual when trying to crack NEET. That is, what type of course and which college they are trying to have a shot at.

There is not a shade of doubt, that NCERT books should be the first source of information when it comes to preparing for NEET. As nearly 80% of the questions are from NEET sources and study material. However, as discussed earlier, if one desires to crack NEET with good marks and with flying colors, referring to other sources becomes a necessity.

In order to understand this better, let us look at the marking systems and cut-offs for various colleges.

The colleges that admit aspirants through NEET are divided into three segments:

All India Merit List:

What to expect?:

The All India Merit list looks at individuals who have scored exceptionally well in the examination. They belong to the top 50th percentile. This, however, varies based on the overall results in the particular year’s examination results. This percentile list changes every year, so to say.

How do you get in ?:

If an aspirant is aiming to secure a place in the All India Merit List, they would have to perform exceptionally well in the examination. This would require vigorous preparation and commitment. More importantly, it would need aspirants to refer to several study materials other than NCERT. NCERT books alone, would not serve the purpose.

All India NEET Quota:

What to expect?:

The All India Quota reserves about 15% of the total number of seats from all the seats. The All India Quota will enable the students to select Medical Colleges and Universities all over the country. This would include both Government-mandated colleges as well as Private organizations that teach medicine.

How do you get in ?:

If an aspirant is aiming to secure a place in the All India Quota List, they would have to perform well. So much so, that they would have to secure a spot in the 30th percentile to the 40th percentile range. In order to put that into perspective, out of the 1.7 lakh seats available, AQI accounts for 25000 odd seats. To put into a much larger perspective, out of the 18 lakh candidates, only 25000 get a chance to obtain a seat in this quota, which is 1.4% only. Hence, just NCERT books will not suffice in this case either. One needs to refer to other study material again, preferably those suggested by teachers or used by professors at NEET Coaching Centers in Bangalore.

NEET State Quota:

What to expect?

State Quota Seats are seats that are available specific to the state, from which the aspirant has registered his candidature. The candidates, if they make it to this list, will be allotted seats in the Medical Colleges and Universities in the state in question.

The students don’t have any say in the college or course. They are allotted seats based on their rank on the Merit list.

How do you get in ?:

The State List accounts for 85% of the total 1.7 lakh medical seats across the country, that is about 1.5 lakh seats from the total available seats. To help understand this better, out of the 18 lakh students who have registered for NEET in 2022, only about 8.6% of the students get an opportunity to be eligible for State Quota Seats. Now, back to the question, if NCERT books are sufficient? Mathematically, yes, obtaining a seat in this category has a larger probability of success from NCERT books alone, compared to the mathematical probability of obtaining the other seats. However, in the larger scheme of things, is it really enough? – Not really. One would have to memorize the entire book, without leaving out single punctuation; which, realistically, seems pretty much impossible. 

Hence, to answer the question: “Will it be sufficient to study NCERT to crack NEET?” – No, 9 times out of 10, it will not be sufficient.

But, the real question is: “What is sufficient?”

Well, to be fair, there is no single accurate answer to this question. This is because nobody has secured a 100% in their examinations. Thus, to answer it abstractly, no preparation is sufficient. And, this is in correspondence to the preparation is subjective and varies from person to person.

Thus, the most advisable thing in this case:

To consult faculties, teachers, and professors from schools and renowned Coaching Centers in Bangalore like; Parishrama NEET Academy, Aakash Byjus’s, Arjuna Academy, etc. They will be able to provide you with the best, most suitable, and ideal advice.


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