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I have come across many of my friends asking me how to add what’s app status video. Let me tell you, uploading a video on WhatsApp status is no rocket science and is easier than you think. Let me brief you through the way on how you can add full video on what’s app status and how to do it in an effective manner.

How to Record & Upload Video on Whatsapp Status?

Let us first understand how you can simply record and upload your video on Whatsapp status. For this, you just need to go to your Whatsapp and click on the Status corner. Click on add status. When your camera opens, press and hold the round button to record the video. After you are done, play the preview to make sure the video is recorded correctly. After you are done, click on the green arrow to finally post your video on WhatsApp status.

How to Upload YouTube Videos on Whatsapp Status?

Many people also wonder how to put a youtube video on what’s app status. But again, it is very easy to add youtube video on what’s app status. There are mainly two ways of adding YouTube videos to your WhatsApp status. Let me explain both of the ways one by one.

The first way is to share the video using the share option from the YouTube app. Visit the YouTube app and select the video which you want to share. Play the video and from the 3 dots available just below the video, you will find the share option. Click on the share option and then select “Share on WhatsApp”. The link will be applied to your WhatsApp status. If you want, you can also change the background color, add emoji, change text design, and do other modifications to the link before you share it. Click on the green arrow to upload the link.

The next step to share YouTube videos on WhatsApp status is to download the video. For this, you will have to use a third website that allows you to download a YouTube video such as SaveFromNet or YTmate. Go to YouTube and open the video you want to download. Click on share and then copy link. Now go to the third website and paste the link in the search box. Select the specifications and click on “Download Video”. The video will be downloaded to your gallery. Go to the WhatsApp section and choose the video from the gallery to upload it to your status.

How to Upload Full Video on Whatsapp Status?

In general, WhatsApp only allows posting a 30 seconds video to WhatsApp status. So what is the way to post a full video on WhatsApp status? You can do it simply with the whatsaga apps. You just have to download the app and select video statuses. Select the video which you want to upload on the status. After adding the video, you will get an option of sharing on WhatsApp. Select the option and it will take you to the WhatsApp preview section. Preview your video and click on the green arrow. The complete video will be posted on WhatsApp in splits.

How to Upload Videos from Gallery on Whatsapp Status?

Another easiest way to upload videos in your WhatsApp status is to upload the video from your gallery. For this, you need to visit your WhatsApp account and then to the Status corner. Click on add status and your camera will open. At the bottom, click on the photos album option or simply slide the screen up to get all your gallery items. Select the video which you want to upload and click on play to preview. After you are done, click on the green arrow to upload your status.

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