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We are encircled by innovative technology 24/7. These days, it is difficult to find someone without a smartphone in hand. Everyone uses the web and multiple social media applications for communication purposes. There is no age restriction for utilizing a digital device presently. Even young children own a separate cell phone with internet-connectivity.

If your offspring use smartphones and the net, there is a high chance that they will come across the content that is not appropriate for them. Similarly, they can become friends with nasty people.

The majority of parents are working, so they don’t have enough time to spend with their precious kids. They don’t know what’s happening in their lives and what sort of activities they perform using their mobile devices. Furthermore, you can’t track their deeds even if you don’t do a job because they set passwords on their phones.

You can’t rely on the traditional methods to spy on them because, in this modern era, they are not dependable and efficient. So, what should you do to keep an eye on them while they are using their digital devices and interacting with peers on WhatsApp? The WhatsApp spy app can be the solution for such kind of circumstances that can support moms and dads to grab in-depth information about their children’s actions.

There are tons of WhatsApp tracking tools available, so it can be puzzling for you to choose the right one. Many WhatsApp Apps offers free tracking but in a limited way. Therefore, we are going to share some valuable tips that will assist you to pick the right software or WhatsApp spy app free for paid according to your needs.

Confirm the Developers Are Trustworthy

Initially, make sure the creators of the selected surveillance software are reliable and trustworthy. They must be licensed and certified by the authorities of your state. However, if they are not licensed, never make a mistake of investing your money in their app. Some free WhatsApp spy apps may steal your personal information too so beware of these free apps promising you to spy on any WhatsApp  account.

Additional Features

It should be able to track other activities even if you only want to supervise the WhatsApp messenger of your targeted person. Before buying the paid WhatsApp spy App, determine what features you need and compare them with the features offered by the tool you have selected.

Check Brief Description of The Software

Read the brief description of the application that you want to use for monitoring the WhatsApp activities of your targeted person. In the description, you will grab information about the date of release, the name of inventors, licenses, and much more. Always read the term and condition before buying any paid WhatsApp monitoring tool.

Tool Should Be Undetectable

The tracking software must be 100% undetectable because you want to obtain unbiased results of spying. If the person will find out that his phone is being supervised, he will provide you with the wrong information or even delete the spyware.

Check Compatibility

The targeted phone should be compatible with the spy software otherwise; it will not work accurately or will not function at all. Many tools are developed for Android and iOS devices. However, some of them are compatible with other operating systems as well, so it’s your obligation to check it before purchasing. Developers will not be blamable for the incompatibility. Better to download from Play Store for App Store So that you need to face compatibility issue with your WhatsApp spy app.

Read Reviews Online

Most importantly, visit the website and social accounts of the monitoring app to read the reviews of the previous customers. You will get to know about how it is serving them and their experiences. Online feedback will help you make an informed buying decision. In case of free WhatsApp spy app these review will help you to choose the best WhatsApp spy app from Google play store or IOS app store.

Free or Paid

Also, decide if you want a free WhatsApp spy app or paid WhatsApp tracking tool accessible online. If you want free software, bear in mind that you won’t be able to access all the features that are included in the paid app. However, if you are ready to spend some dollars on paid software, you will be able to access all the detecting features.


Now, you are familiar with all the significant factors you must keep in mind while selecting surveillance software. In easy words, you have got to know about the specifications and functionalities that you can’t miss in any WhatsApp spy app.

Therefore, you have plenty of options when it comes to investing your hard-earned money on a tool that will allow you to spy on call logs, web history, instant messengers, social media and dating apps, and much more.

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