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Putting music in any picture or video instantly makes it look better. Even though Whatsapp does not have a built-in feature for adding music like Instagram, we can still do it easily. However, very few of us really know how to add songs on what’s app status and that’s completely okay. You don’t need to worry as in this article, I will help you understand how to add music or song in WhatsApp status with or without an external application.

Adding Music or Song in Whatsapp Status Using an App

There are tons of free applications like InShot, VN Video Editor, etc. where you can easily add music to a video or a photo. You can follow the given steps to add music in what’s app status using the InShot app:

  1. Download the apps using Play Store (Android) or App Store (iPhone).
  2. Go to the app and select the Video, Photo, or Collage option as you prefer.
  3. Select the Video option and then on the “New” option.
  4. Your gallery will be visible on the screen with all the videos, select the picture/ video on which you want to add music.
  5. Click on the “ok” sign.
  6. From the bottom function tray, select the “Music” option.
  7. In the InShot app, you get the option of either adding a track or using a sound effect or recording your music and adding it to the video. Choose the option you prefer.
  8. If you choose the “Track” option, you can either import the music from already available tracks in the stock or import audio from any video. If you choose the “Effect” option, you will get various sound effects lists that you can add to the video. Using the “Record” option, you can record your own voice or music to the video.
  9. Choose the “Tack” option to carry on for now.
  10. Choose the track or the video from which you want to import music to the video.
  11. Trim the audio as you prefer and click on “Ok”.
  12. The music track will be added to your video. Click on “Ok” to confirm.
  13. Now click on the “share” button, choose your video resolution and click on “Save”.
  14. Your video will be saved to your gallery which you can share on WhatsApp status.

Adding Music or Song in Whatsapp Status Without an App

If you want to put music in what’s app status without an external app, you can do it the conventional way. You don’t need to download & install any external app as I have a secret method for you. This is the easiest way of adding music to your Whatsapp status and is the least known method too. You can follow the given steps of add music in WhatsApp status without an app:

  1. Choose music or song that you wish to add to your status and play it through the speaker. You can use any app to play the song.
  2. While the song keeps playing, go to Whatsapp and then to the Status section.
  3. Make sure that the song you are playing is at the highest volume for better sound quality.
  4. Click on “Add Status” and start recording the video as you wish.
  5. After you are done recording, review the video.
  6. If the video is fine and as per your preference, click on the green arrow to post your status.

AND you are done!

See, it’s that simple to put music or song to your WhatsApp status. All you need is your phone and the material that you wish to record. I hope this article was helpful to you. For more tips and help, stay tuned!

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