Teacher's day 2020 celebration

When is teacher’s Day celebrated in India? 

On 5th September of every year, Teachers’ Day is celebrated in India. Teacher’s Day Celebration marks as a tribute to the contribution made by teachers to the society. The day is special because it gives the chance to the students to shower gratitude towards their teachers and tell them how their presence enlightens the World and infuse positivity. Teachers also look forward to the Teacher’s Day with full excitement and jubilance.

On whose birthday, Teacher’s Day is celebrated.

Celebrated on 5th September, teacher’s day symbolises the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. He was the first Vice President of India and the second President of India. Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was truly an educationist at heart. He was not only known as a great teacher, but also awell-known scholar, teacher, and ardent promoter of education.From 1962 onwards, we are celebrating Happy Teacher’s Day. 

Significance of 5th September Teacher’s Day

It is believed that when Dr. Radhakrishnan assumed the Presidential office, some of his former students visited him and requested to celebrate his birthday with them. In reply to the students, Dr. Radhakrishnan said that he would be honoured if people would observe 5 September as Teachers’ Day. We can say that Teacher’s Day is celebrated in the memory of Dr. Radhakrishnan.

India has always embraced custom of ‘Guru – Shishya.’ According to Indian philosophy, position of teacher is considered next to Godliness. In today’s modern time, we might have become advanced that we do not follow the strict protocols, but our respect for teachers is immense. Teacher’s Day dedicates to their hard work and importance of a teacher in our lives.

When is World’s Teacher’s Day? 

The date of World’s Teacher’s Day is October 5. It commemorates the contribution of teaching profession to educate the children of the World. The International Teacher’s Day celebration was started in 1994. It was established by signing the 1966 UNESCO recommendation that concerns the status of teachers. The recommendation outlines the standards related to recruitment, training, employment, and continuing education of teachers. World Teacher’s’ Day focuses on appreciating, paying gratitude towards the educators of the World. It is also a big day to look upon the issues related to teaching.

On this occasion, teachers are praised for their efforts and inspire students to push up the envelope and broaden the horizon. Great teachers build better world, ensuring that upcoming generation is forward looking and knowledgeable. World Teacher’s Day is celebrated in 92 countries across the Globe.

UNESCO pleads that everyone should come together to raise voice about teacher issues and making efforts to solve them. It also emphasises that teacher respect should become the natural order of things. Their disrespect should not at all be tolerated in the society. 

How Teacher’s day is celebrated in schools and colleges? 

Teacher’s day in Indian schools is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and positivity. There are a lot of activities that are organized to show loving gestures to our dear teachers:

  • Gifting sweets, greeting cards and bouquets:Students show their kind respect to teachers by gifting them sweets, greeting cards and bouquets. Many students prepare chocolates and greeting cards at home. While some buy online or through local shops. Seeing this gesture of kids, teachers get overwhelmed.
  • Speech recitation: A lot of students prepare poems and speeches to dedicate heartfelt words to their loving teachers. The titles they choose are –‘inspirational teachers’, ‘thank you teacher’, ‘best teacher’ which really make the teacher feel proud.
  • Honouring teachers with mementos and thanksgiving letters:On occasion of teacher’s day, students award best titles to the teachers. Titles match their roles in the school. Mementos and thanksgiving letters recite the titles to make the day memorable for their favourite teachers.
  • Plan a picnic and offer lunch: It’s another amazing way to surprise your teacher on Teacher’s Day. It’s a most common teacher’s day celebration in colleges. Students plan a trip to nearby places and organize recreational activities.The trip also comprises of treating your teachers with delicious dishes. This idea makes their day at its best.
  • Dance and singing competition: Teacher’s day is celebration is all about being sit back and relax.Students pamper their favourite teachers by organizing dance and singing competition. They enjoy watching talent of students and give blessings to them. This visual treat is simply unforgettable for the teachers.
  • Mimicry of teachers:Mimicry is another popular act to please teachers. Teachers laugh, giggle, and have a good time seeing their students imitating them. Teachers simply enjoy the replica of theirs on the stage.
  • Organize indoor and outdoor competitions: Indoor and outdoor games are arranged like cricket, musical chair, football etc.to let the teachers enjoy watching competitive spirit.

How teacher’s day can be celebrated during COVID-19? 

Sadly, due to COVID-19, teacher’s day will not be celebrated in full swing this year. But, all we need is an intention to do something special for our Guru. This can be done even while sitting back at home. Here are a few ideas which students can opt for to wish their teachers on occasion of Teacher’s Day:

  • Take a picture of your teacher or a greeting card in your hand and send it to your teacher. You can also tag a picture of your teacher on social media platforms and wish them virtually.
  • Students can send a personal e-card in the honour of their teachers and their hard work.
  • Write emails to your teacher expressing gratitude and love towards them.
  • Make a compiled video of small messages from a group of students.
  • Dedicate a teacher’s day song to your favourite teacher via WhatsApp or an email.
  • Send online gifts like – bouquet, mementos, notepad and pen, books etc to your teachers.
  • Sing a beautiful song or recite a poem and send it your teacher via WhatsApp.

“A teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself a light to brighten others.” So this happy teacher’s day, put in your best efforts and gift your precious time and warm feelings to your teachers.


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