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It is very commonly said that you are what you eat. Whatever your eating habits are has a super-strong impact on your health. Therefore, it is quite essential to teach healthy eating habits in children from a younger age to prevent the risk of chronic diseases in the future. Some people might find it difficult to follow a healthy diet; however, It is not compulsory to be obsessive about healthy boring diets, but making good food choices majority of the times in a week may help you feel better about your body as well as lower the risk of chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, etc. it is surprising how certain food intakes may increase your life expectancy. Here we are going to discuss ten cancer reducing foods that are proven to be highly effective.

  1. Broccoli

Broccoli is said to have potent anti-cancer properties as it is rich in sulforaphane. It is one of the safest foods to eat to reduce the chances of cancer. Broccoli is also one of the best foods that prevent breast cancer. This is so because of sulforaphane’s presence as it reduces the generation of breast cancer cells by 75%. Therefore it makes it vital for people to add broccoli for a few days in a week as it has some seriously positive health benefits on the human body.

  1. Beans

Beans are fiber-rich foods. It not only is great cancer reducing food but also helps to reduce the risk of tumors as well. Studies have shown that people who once suffered from a tumor should include beans in their meal to reduce the chance of it recurring. Also, both black beans and navy beans are said to be pretentious for colon cancer, as it reduces its cell development by 75% in the human body.

  1. Carrots

There are certain types of cancer, and it is proven that carrots help reduce the risk of many of them, especially stomach cancer. Carrots play a very important role in balancing your health. For smokers, eating carrots reduces the risks of developing lung cancer. Carrots have some excellent properties that, if added in meals for at least thrice a week, may reduce the risk of developing various chronic diseases.

  1. Berries

All berries are considered to be anti-cancer fruits due to its richness in anthocyanins. It has very high chances of cancer reduction in the human body because of its antioxidant properties. People who have cancer are often treated with berry extracts, as they are quite effective. Similarly, it is quite popularly known to reduce the risk of tumors by 62%. Berries have great taste, and therefore their consumption in at least one meal may help inhibit the risk of cancer.

  1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is quite popularly known for its various health benefits, and it is best to add in food to avoid cancer. It fights cancer and blocks the spread of cancer cells in the human body. Also, it reduces the risk of head and neck cancer and is significantly effective in reducing the tumor size. Cinnamon has numerous other health benefits and its addition in your meals every once in a while may help you big time in the betterment of health.

  1. Turmeric

Like cinnamon, turmeric is also a well-known spice that is quite popular for its numerous health benefits. It contains anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, and even some anti-cancer properties due to its active ingredient, which is curcumin. Curcumin is added in the diet of cancer patients for a faster recovery, and it has been proved that it reduces the number of cancer patients. You can start by adding ½ tbsp of turmeric in your food or milk to add it to your daily diet.

  1. Olive oil

Olive oil comes with a load of health benefits for your body and is a vital part of the Mediterranean diet. It has been proved that increasing the intake of olive oil can help reduce you from the risk of the breast as well as digestive cancer as compared to those with less intake. Choosing olive oil to add in your food over other oils is the healthiest choice to make. The secret of many salads being 100% healthy is a drizzle of olive oil on top.

  1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes, which are also considered as anti-cancer fruits, contain lycopene from which it gets its vibrant red color and also cancer reducing properties. Whether to be considered raw or cooked, it has been proven that tomatoes are a great deal in reducing cancer risk. You can include it to your diet in the form of sauce or chopped in salads or as you like, but consuming at least two tomatoes in a day will help you receive many health benefits.

  1. Citrous fruits

Consumption of citrus fruits such as limes, lemons, oranges, grapefruit, etc. also helps reduce the risk of cancer. Such fruits are considered the most preferred fruits to fight cancer. It has been proved through a study that fruits that are citrous-rich are highly effective in reducing cancer cells in the digestive and upper respiratory tracts. As they are highly rich in vitamin c, there are many other health benefits attached to it. Citrus fruits are a great source to reduce cancer and reduce the risk of heart disease and keep the body healthy from an external aspect.

  1. Garlic

The component present in garlic, which makes it anti-cancer food, is allicin. Allicin kills the cancer cells in the body, thereby reducing the risk of cancer, especially stomach cancer. Not only garlic but similar Allium veggies like shallots and onions when added in your diet play a great role in reducing cancer cells. Not only does it help reduce cancer, but the health benefits of garlic also include reducing tumors.


All the foods discussed above are scientifically proven to be cancer protection foods. Therefore, the bottom line is that your diet plays a major role in your health and can have a great impact if you adopt the habit of consuming some healthy food. For a healthy and long life, you need to change your eating habits and make a few changes in your current diet.


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