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Asthma can be caused by different reasons and under different circumstances. The degree of severity also differs from person to person. There are some of the types of Asthma listed below;

Asthma is caused due to various allergens in the environment, and the air in which we breathe is one of the common types of Asthma. Patients suffering from this type of Asthma have to face many problems as it triggers very easily.

Exercise-related: Asthma symptoms caused by physical exercise or eversion are another type to aggravate the condition.

Cough- abnormality: The symptoms caused by respiratory exertion or infection are another type of asthma condition.

Occupation-related: Often, the asthma symptoms are caused and triggered because of the nature of the individual’s work. The individuals are working in industrial areas or areas where they have to deal with animal breeds and other related aspects. These include in occupation-related or induced Asthma.

Thus, individuals who have Asthma should be careful at all times as the severity of the condition can be triggered by any of the above-mentioned factors, and the risk of chronic accidents increases.

There are many remedies for controlling the condition of Asthma, as it cannot be cured permanently. There are many medical treatments available as well, but some individuals prefer home remedies. Home remedies of Asthma are very safe and can be implemented by all the individuals; these do not even have side effects and can help in making the medical treatment work effectively.

Following are some natural remedies to control the symptoms of Asthma and reduce the severity of the condition:-

Essential Oils For Asthma

There is a list of essential oils that have proven remedial effects on the symptoms of the condition. Different types of oil must be inhaled in the proper way in a safe environment where the air is purified with the help of effective air conditioning Sydney.

Eucalyptus oil- For this remedy, you would need the eucalyptus oil and a fresh small-sized towel. The individuals suffering from the condition should put 2-3 drops of eucalyptus oil on the towel and place it beside their pillow while sleeping.

This will soothe their breathing and help them get better sleep. This is a very useful remedy to prevent the risky asthma attacks, as the eucalyptus oil help unblocking the congestion and making the breathing regular. For this remedy to have the optimum effect, it should be used every night while sleeping.

Lavender oil- Next on the list is lavender oil which is highly recommended. For this, you need a few drops of lavender oil and a hot bowl of water. The individuals have to put 4-5 drops of lavender oil in hot water and inhale steam from it.

For this remedy to show results, you need to do this once in a day. Lavender oil reduces inflammation in the airways and helps regulate breathing. It also boosts your immune system. Apart from the asthma patients, anyone can be used by anyone for boosting the immune system.

Tea Tree Oil- Next is the tea tree oil, you might have come across a recommendation of tea tree oil for several health remedies natural remedies. This oil also helps to reduce the symptoms of Asthma as well. For this, you need tea tree oil, a face cloth, and warm water.

Individuals need to dip the cloth completely in the warm water and wring out the excess water, then add few drops of the oil on the cloth and inhale the vapors until the cloth comes to room temperature again. This remedy should be used when the asthma symptoms are triggered or active and should be repeated until the symptoms are reduced.  

Food Intake to Reduce Asthma Symptoms

Many food items should be taken in the right way to reduce asthma symptoms. The following food items with the direction to use them are given described below:

Honey- For this, you need 2-3 spoons of honey, a glass of warm water and ½ teaspoon of cinnamon (according to your preference). Mix all the ingredients well and drink it slowly, you should have this drink thrice a day for effective results.

Turmeric- individuals suffering from severe symptoms of Asthma should have 1/4spoon of turmeric powder and drink water on top of it. This should be repeated trice a day for two weeks, and in case of no improvement, the dosage should be doubled.

Coffee- The individuals who have frequent asthma attacks should drink a cup of hot coffee daily to get relief from their symptoms, This is the easier and most used remedy, as most people love having coffee. Coffee is known for making the breathing activated and regular, which helps the patent suffering from Asthma.

Rest and sleep

The next remedy is an all-rounder, sleeping, and resting in a comfortable environment where the temperature is controlled by ducted air conditioning Sydney, and the environment is peaceful is very important.

Therefore, natural remedies or home remedies mentioned above have to be used in the proper way for the best results.

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