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India is Asia’s top rising medical tourism hub. If you have visited India or heard about it before, you know that India is known for its jaw-dropping natural sites, rich heritage, unique vibrancy, and amazing hospitality. There’s no doubt that tourists find India amazing. But if you see India from the lens of medical patients, you will get to know that India’s tourism sector is one of the prime reasons why India is rising on the top radar of overseas people. In the last few years, there has been a massive growth in India’s medical tourism. You would be amazed to know that the tourism industry in India is facing a whopping growth every year with a percentage of roughly 18% CAGR.

If you believe the 2015 reports of the medical tourism market, India was labeled as one of the low cost medical tourism destinations across the world that delivers the same level of healthcare assistance as that of developed countries like the United States. With the help of the public-private partnership, India has paved his foot towards the most successful and affordable medical tourism destination for the major surgeries, treatments.

What makes India the hub of medical tourism?

If a country is touted as Asia’s quickest growing medical tourism nation, then it’s obvious that it possesses the best expertise in the state of art facilities. From high-quality medical treatments to certified and specialized medical professionals, the medical treatments in India are very cost-effective in comparison to the western countries. Also, the rise of mindfulness and holistic practices and other alternatives healings like Unani, Ayurveda, Yoga makes India the most mindful destination to unlock rejuvenation with the authentic ancient mindfulness and wellness practices.

Role Of Government In The Medical Tourism Of India

The concerned authority to take care of this matter is the Ministry of Tourism. India tourism ministry has taken plentiful steps to promote the medical tourism of the country, including e-visa norms for medical tourists. Also, in 2014, the government of India launched an e-tourist visa to simplify the visa process. You would be amazed to know that an individual on India’s medical visa can enjoy multiple benefits like long term stay to seek medical care.

The medical tourism sector of India is boosting the capacity of qualified health professionals by promoting affordable medical education to needy people. Don’t believe us? You would believe us when you know that the Union Cabinet recently approved the contract of 75+ new medical colleges in the nation, which will eventually lead to the creation of roughly 15,000+ MBBS seats in India. How amazing is it sounding?

The Medical Tourism Companies In India Are Paving Their Foots

With the constant boom in India’s medical tourism sector, more and more medical tourism companies in India are establishing their base.  Experts claim that it is attributed to the private healthcare system development in India. To cater the medical needs of overseas patients, the international standard hospitals in India are seeking accreditation or certification and formulating strategic partnerships with the best medical tourism companies in India because the work of medical tourism companies is to map down the international patients with the top class and high standard hospitals in India.

Find the Factors That Are Responsible For Medical Tourism Growth In India

Well, many factors are found responsible for the rise of medical tourism in India. To give you an idea of the best of them, we have prepared a checklist. Make sure you bookmark it and share it!

Wallet-Friendly Medical Treatments And Diagnosis

Affordability is the key factor that is responsible for medical tourism growth in India. You can attain cost-effective medical treatment in India at a much lower price compared to western countries like the United Kingdom and the United States. It has the team of best surgeons who offer affordable medical treatments, diagnosis in world-class hospitals. Plus, the infrastructure is world-class and no way lesser than the US, UK, and Gulf countries hospitals.

Such is the price difference in the cost of the medical treatment of India that an open heart surgery in India is estimated USD 3,000 to 10,000 USD, while the same surgery in the United States starts at USD 15,000 onwards! This is as per the study of the Health Status reports.

Did we mention that medical patients travelling to India for the treatments can save upto 30-70% of the expenditure, including stay, transportation, treatments, diagnosis?

Advanced Technologies

You would be amazed to know that the tier one city hospitals in India are equipped with the latest medical technology through which various sorts of medical examinations, treatments are conducted. Gone were those days when patients had to consider western countries for the most complex disorders or treatments. You or anyone can avail of the low cost medical tourism packages to get yourself treated with and under the supervision of an expertise and certified team of doctors at the international standard hospitals.

Quality Of Healthcare

If you ask the international patients what drives them to visit or recommend India as the best destination for medical tourism, they will tell you that India has the expertise and professional doctors for the big and complex disorders like kidney, heart, lungs, brain. From skilled doctors to profound knowledgeable paramedical staff, the quality of healthcare in India is the topmost priority of the medical staff working in India. Also, you relate the quality of India’s healthcare care service from the fact that most of the Indian doctors are returned from the United States, the United Kingdom, to serve their country, India.

Zero Language Barriers

The zero language barriers are the no language barrier. Language plays a vital role in every place you visit. It helps you to connect with the locals easily. You would be flabbergasted to know that India and the English language go hand in hand. The private hospitals in India and even government hospitals in India are free from the language barrier. If you want to seek the help of a translator throughout your stay in a hospital for the treatments, you can book medical tourism packages from the trusted medical tourism company in India.

The Take-Away!

If you are seeking to get a low cost medical treatment without going broke, then consider visiting India for your healthcare treatments. India is heaven for medical patients who want to unlock wallet-friendly treatments to the most complex diseases, or disorders. Moreover, if you book your medical travel package from a reliable medical tourism company in India, you can score and combine a bit of relaxation, mindfulness together in the form of meditation, yoga, Ayurveda bliss.

List of top 10 medical tourism companies in India

Here is the list of Indian’s top medical tourism companies. Most of the companies are located in metro cities of India such as Delhi, Mumbai , Gurgaon , Chennai and Bangalore.

  1. Vaidam (Gurgaon)
  2. Clinicspots (Mumbai)
  3. Medsurge India (Gurgaon)
  4. We Care Health Services (Mumbai)
  5. ARINAA Medical Tourism (Chennai)
  6. Mediniq (Bangalore)
  7. MedMonks (Delhi)
  8. MediConnect (Delhi)
  9. Alphine Life Solutions (Mumbai)
  10. Forerunners Healthcare (Delhi)



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