Mouth Ulcer Treatment At Home

Mouth ulcers are tiny sores that develop on the cheeks’ inner side, on the tongue, lips, or even floor of the mouth. These mouth ulcers are harmless yet painful and make a person feel uncomfortable at a certain point in time. The main causes of mouth ulcers are stomach disorders. It can be due to constipation, acidities, hormonal imbalances, and vitamin B or C deficiency. It has also been said that mouth ulcers can be a hereditary problem for many people, and probability is that women suffer from mouth ulcers more than men. The relieving part is that mouth ulcers can be treated easily. Many treatments are available out there from ointments to medicines; however, the best and natural way to treat mouth ulcers is organic. We will discuss nine best and highly effective home remedies for mouth ulcers that will help you release irritation and pain in the mouth, and you will be able to treat yourself staying at home.

Nine best Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcers

1. Honey

Honey is rich in many antibacterial properties, making it a natural treatment for mouth ulcers and many other bacterial problems. It removes the dryness in the mouth and helps retain the moisture. According to the specialists, honey, combined with other effective ingredients like amla powder or turmeric, can help in faster healing. You need to apply it or rub it on the effective area in the mouth, which will ultimately ease the pain.

2. Ghee or coconut oil

There are some natural inflammatory properties present in the coconut oil. All you need to do is put some in your mouth and brush it against the ulcer, which will help release the pain and also the swelling. Also, desi ghee is commonly known and tried a home remedy for mouth ulcers. It is the best ulcer treatment at home and also helps in retaining moisture and make sure you rinse the mouth properly with water to avoid any residue left in the mouth.

3. Baking soda paste

Mix similar amounts of baking soda and water in order to make a thick paste and then apply it to the affected area. Please wait for the paste to dry out the ulcer, after it has dried rinse your mouth properly with water and repeat the process at least thrice a day. It will help you soothe the pain as it neutralizes the acid released by the ulcer.

4. Clove oil

Clove is one of India’s famous spices and is extracted from the bud of a flower. It is not only used for the treatment of mouth ulcers but also helps reduce the toothache. Clove oil works well when the ulcer tissues nicely absorb the clove oil; therefore, it is best to take some clove oil in a cotton bud and apply it directly to the ulcer. Swish some water in the mouth before applying oil so that the ulcer’s surface is cleaned and rinse it off after applying. Close oil is the best solution for treating all oral issues.

5. Orange juice

Orange juice is another natural ulcer treatment with lots of vitamin c in it. Consuming oranges directly is also a good idea; however, it might be difficult due to all that ulcer pain in your mouth. So, it is best to consume at least two glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice in a day to treat mouth ulcers. Vitamin c, which is highly present in orange juice, will boost your immunity and prepare the body to fight such infections like mouth ulcers.

6. Tulsi

There are a lot of medicinal properties present in tulsi leaves, and these leaves are used to treat many problems, including cough and cold. Consumption of these leaves will treat your stomach, which will ultimately result in getting rid of mouth ulcers and many other stomach problems. The best way to consume these leaves is to chew them and swallow with the help of water.

7. Turmeric

Turmeric is a spice used in every kitchen in India and is also commonly known as a natural antiseptic, which is used for treating many problems. Applying turmeric on ulcers will help reduce the pain and inflammation with its antimicrobial properties. Many people who have tried this remedy believe that it is one of the best natural remedies for mouth ulcer pain. All you need to do is mix some turmeric with water to form a paste and apply it in the affected area. Make sure to rinse your mouth properly with fresh or warm water.

8. Garlic

Garlic is yet another flavourful Indian item which is used to enhance the taste of foods. However, it is found that its part-time is to treat mouth ulcers due to the allicin compound present in it. Not only mouth ulcers, but it helps treat many infectious diseases as allicin contains antimicrobial properties. Just slice a garlic clove in half and apply it to the affected area, it might itch a little, but it will reduce the pain. Rinse your mouth after in order to avoid the foul garlic smell.

9. Aloe Vera juice

Aloe Vera juice is another source of natural inflammatory properties which helps reduce the ulcer pain. If you constantly suffer from stomach ulcers, it can help treat that as well. Aloe Vera juice is the best natural remedy to get rid of any stomach problem and helps reduce the pain. For mouth ulcers, squish some aloe vera juice in your mouth thrice a day, and you will see a massive reduction in pain.


We discussed the nine home remedies for mouth ulcer pain to help you treat your pain at home. It is the best-proven way to get rid of mouth ulcers organically instead of putting some medicine in the mouth. Also, you do not have to worry about any side effects as such home remedies do not result in any side effects until you are allergic to some ingredient. Treating ulcers is easy and can be done with things already available at home.


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