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Breast cancer is highly common in women. However, there’s no denying that men, too, are affected with breast cancer. Not many people know about breast cancer in detail. What they know is the flying knowledge, which is restricted to only that breast cancer develops into the cells present inside the breast. Like every other cancer, breast cancer is spread from the breasts to the other body regions, including the liver and bones.

If you talk about early breast cancer symptoms, it involves a change in breast size. It is advisable to get yourself consulted with the doctor if you notice any change in your breasts. Are you wondering why you should follow the rule of thumb? It is because if you are in the early stage of breast cancer, it could be detected. The earlier the breast cancer is detected, the less damage your breast develops and easily curable.

Keep reading if you want to know about breast cancer symptoms, long term effects of breast cancer, side effects, and treatment of breast cancer. However, our sole focus of this blog is to educate you about the treatment and side effects of breast cancer. But, we will try our best to give you the short overview of everything related to breast cancer.

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Quick Overview of Breast Cancer Symptoms:

As we educate you about the quick symptoms of breast cancer, which is a change in breast size, breast cancer symptoms are not restricted to change in breast size only. In a study of medical professionals conducted in a wildly popular cancer institute, many people experience no symptoms in their early age of breast cancer. It is because, most of the time, the tumor is small, and you ignore its abnormality.

Ladies who can detect the tumor presence feeling its weirdness stated that a new lump is the first sign in the breast. You must consult a doctor to determine if the lump is breast cancer or not because not all lumps are considered cancer.

Dig Out A Few More Symptoms Of Breast Cancer:

You get to feel that a breast lump is recently developed, or you are feeling tissue thickening.

  • You might be feeling pain in the breast.
  • You often get swelling in distinct body parts.
  • Nipple discharge is often, and most of the time, it’s not milky.
  • The area around your nipple skin is getting pale.
  • Swollen underarms.

Find Out Long Terms Effects Of Breast Cancer :

Frankly, there’s no medical treatment that is major and who doesn’t come with side effects. So the breast cancer treatment in India is! Just like every other medical treatment, the effect of breast cancer also goes away, but if you consider medical studies, you will find that there are women who have experienced the long term effects of breast cancer even after months, days, or years of treatment ends.

The side effects vary from person to person. However, the most common side effects you will find in breast cancer patients are :

  • Bone health disorder.
  • Change in the breast, be it in size, color.
  • Stress, anxiety, depression are usually common.
  • Not able to sleep properly.
  • Pain in joint muscles.
  • Weight gain.
  • Sexual disorders.

Now comes the main outline of this blog…

What Are The Side Effects Of Breast Cancer: Detailed Overview

It’s not only the breast, but your entire body gets affected due to breast cancer. You can say that in the initial stage, breast cancer affects the area of the breast only like change in the size of the breast, which is self-noticeable – if you pay attention to your breast area in everyday life. Other symptoms are;t easy to detect until you go for the medical examination of the breast.

Like other cancers, breast cancer is also divided into several stages. The 0 stage is the initial stage where it is curable. While the last 4th stage indicates that the cancer cells are spread across the entire body.

You would be surprised to know that breast cancer cells if spread across other body parts, they will also get affected. The most commonly affected body parts due to cancer include muscles, liver, lungs, brain, bones.

Skin Surrounding Your Breast Is A Sign Of Breast Cancer

As we educated you in the above paragraphs that there are various effects of breast cancer in our body, one such easy to detect symptoms of breast cancer is to identify if your skin surrounding the breast is not causing you itchiness and its not pale and dry, apart with a change in the size of breasts.

Swelling And Tenderness Under Your Arms

When women are in later stages of breast cancer, it is considered that the tumor has spread to the other lymph nodes due to which the underarm area is the first place that is affected. Wondering why it does? This is because underarms are closely aligned with breasts, so it’s obvious to feel swelling underarms.

What’s The Breast Cancer Treatment Cost In India?

The average breast cancer treatment cost in India is between $4000 in which the cost of radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and surgery is included.

Find Out The Treatments Of Breast Cancer

With around 5 treatments for breast cancer, we will give you an overview of a few of them. Keep reading!

Surgery and Therapy for Breast Cancer Treatment

A few of the breast cancer surgeries are :

Women have to undergo surgery, which is not limited to one to remove breast cancer. A few of the breast cancer surgeries name are :

Mastectomy: The single breast of women is removed in this surgery. While in Double Mastectomy, both the breasts are removed by the surgeon.

Lumpectomy: In this surgery, the rest of the breast remains intact; only the tumor around the tissue is removed.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is the process in which cancer cells are killed with high powered radiation beams.


It’s a drug treatment that is utilized to remove cancer cells. However, chemotherapy is often taken with surgery. Chemotherapy is sometimes given before the surgery just to shrink the tumor. Before taking it, consult yourself with the best cancer treatment in India hospitals because chemotherapy has plenty of side effects.

Hormone Therapy

Some breast cancers are hormones sensitive, so hormone therapy is one another option for breast cancer treatment. This process involves blocking the stimulation of hormones like estrogen and progesterone, that triggers cancer tumors.

Pro Tip: However, medications are also advisory by the doctors. So, if you have any breast-related problems, you should visit a doctor.

Sound’s like you need the best knowledge about breast cancer treatment in India? Checkout the Medsurge India website and discover the diagnosis of breast cancer, a procedure carried out in breast cancer.


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