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It’s not an easy task to propose the person you love, you always hold on to your feelings. You are afraid to be rejected and above that, you are scared of being judged or misunderstood. Sometimes you are stuck in ways how to say those words and at times you think about the right time. Yes, all this happens but at the end of the day you are in love and you have to take the right step at the very right time no matter how awkward you feel while saying those words.

To say something upfront is, in fact, a bit easy but the task becomes much tougher when you have to propose a girl on chat or any social media application. Almost all of us think again when it comes to proposing to somebody on a virtual platform. Yes expressing your love on Instagram will be a difficult job because no matter how prepared you are, you won’t be able to know how the person will feel or react to your proposal. But you need to keep your heart out in front of your girl and here are the best ideas for how to propose a girl on Instagram.

A text at the right time

A heart to heart conversation especially on text is possible only when the time is right. When you propose a girl on Instagram chat, the task just gets difficult. Texting her at the best time is the very first step you can take to show your love. Text her at the time when she is a little distracted from her daily work or when you know she waits for your messages. When she is all fine and relaxed, chances are she will take your texts seriously and will think about it more. Not leaving any hints, text her at night as it is the time when everybody is about to sleep, there are more chances of an emotional talk and nobody will interfere. So, keep in mind the right time and text her as it’s the true time to show how much you care.

Short messages work more

The way to reach a girl’s heart is a cute short message. Start your message with a cute greet or ‘just hello’. Maybe she will ask herself about your day or what you are doing and then you can proceed with the conversation. But don’t exaggerate about things and you could always reply with short answers like ‘day was fine’ or ‘everything good’. This will help you in better ways as she will ask more about things and this way you can indulge her more into your conversation.

You just have to maintain the right balance between your convo. It’s not that you always have to speak less. Talking more will bore her but talking least will ensure that you are not into her. So, have a conversation that’s not too excessive but not so little at the same time. Try to comfort her with your talks and you have got your proposal to the finest step. A message conversation is the best way to propose a girl on Instagram.

Being desperate is a bad idea

Girls are too fast and apt when it comes to smelling desperate guys. So make sure that you don’t look desperate. You can be flirty, but you should know the thin line between sounding flirtatious and desperate. So, the best thing you can do is reply to her at proper intervals and do not be phone -stuck always. Take time, find the perfect response and then send something. Try to give her the space she needs, don’t try to put your opinions on her actions and this will surely make your bond strong.

Put an Instagram story

The Instagram story will be your voodoo to the proposal you were waiting for forever. You can select the nicest picture that shows your togetherness and post it on your story. Maybe you could make some pretty lines for her or a poem. This surely will melt her heart and she will be overwhelmed with this cute action of yours. Propose a girl in the Instagram story and she will adore that for so long.

Proposals should be cute and straight. You should avoid any kind of dirty talks or you can compliment her. You can say how pretty her face is or how beautiful she looks when she flaunts her hair. No matter what all you have prepared, saying some of the best lines to propose a girl is above all of them. So, along with ‘I love you’, you can always add ‘ My life will be more fun with you’ or ‘You will always have my heart.

Try these steps to propose to a girl on Instagram

Proposing to someone on Instagram can be a creative and heartfelt way to express your feelings. Here are some steps to consider when proposing to a girl on Instagram:

Build a connection: Before proposing, it’s important to establish a connection and get to know the person you’re interested in. Engage with her posts, leave thoughtful comments, and have meaningful conversations through direct messages.

Choose the right moment: Timing is crucial when proposing on Instagram. Look for a moment when you feel the connection between you has grown stronger, and when you sense that she may be receptive to your feelings. It could be after a meaningful conversation or a shared interest.

Plan your proposal: Think about how you want to express your feelings through an Instagram post. You can create a heartfelt caption or write a poem, incorporate meaningful photos, or even create a short video expressing your emotions. Be genuine and true to yourself in your proposal.

Surprise her: Consider adding an element of surprise to make your proposal memorable. For example, you could collaborate with her close friends or family members to create a surprise video message or organize a virtual surprise gathering where you can express your feelings.

Be respectful and considerate: It’s important to be respectful of her boundaries and feelings. Understand that she may not feel the same way, and be prepared for any response. Respect her decision and be supportive of her feelings.

Personalize your proposal: Tailor your proposal to her interests, hobbies, or things she values. Show that you’ve paid attention and genuinely care about her.

Keep it private: When proposing on Instagram, it’s advisable to keep it private initially. Send a direct message or tag her in a private post. This allows her to process her feelings and respond in a comfortable and private setting.

Remember, every person and relationship is unique, so adapt these steps to fit your situation and the preferences of the person you’re proposing to. Be sincere, genuine, and respectful in your approach, and communicate your feelings in a way that feels authentic to you both.

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