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With Valentine’s Day just around the bend, we can’t help but notice the hype and hoopla surrounding the holiday. We’ve all started thinking about Valentine’s Day presents and ideas that would make our loved ones happy. Why not express our your love with the best hindi songs? You may jot down the words to these songs, underline the phrases that mean the most, and place them in your sweetheart’s luggage! After all, in the ‘Facebook Era,’ who wouldn’t want to receive handwritten letters? If you are not demonstrative when it comes to feelings, simply put song dedicated to a girl in Hindi and send it to the woman of your dreams.

It doesn’t matter how hard we attempt to define the term ‘love,’ it’s never adequate. And, more crucially, expressing ‘I love you’ is the most difficult thing in the world. Fortunately, we have love songs to help us communicate what words cannot. And sometimes, all we need is one love song that speaks to our soul.

Everyone appreciates a sincere, heartfelt compliment. But finding the appropriate things to say might be difficult at times. Do not be concerned if you frequently find yourself tongue-tied and unsure what to say in front of the girl of your dreams. Bollywood has your back! Bollywood is the realm of love and passion, therefore it’s no wonder that some of the finest Bollywood songs have the right blend of meaningful lyrics and heartfelt melodies, making any of them the perfect choice to appreciate that someone special. This is a comprehensive collection of Hindi songs that are certain to praise a female.

Here are the ten best romantic songs to dedicate to your girlfriend:

  1. Mitwa

‘Mitwa’ was Karan Johar’s debut Sufi rock ballad. This love ballad is remembered warmly since it was performed by ShafqatAmanat Ali. Shankar-Ehsan-Loy composed the music, while Javed Akhtar wrote the words. This song supports the idea that meeting the right person and falling in love may alter your life.

  1. Pee loon

When musicians are at their peak, the results are spectacular. One of Bollywood’s most popular songs was created by Mohit Chauhan’s voice, IrshadKamil’s lyrics, and Pritam’s music. ‘Pee Loon’ has been criticised for its lyrics, yet it is liked by the public. Dedicate this romantic Bollywood song to your girlfriend on her special day.

  1. Aaj din chadeya

This is our all-time favourite love song. Another catchy song composed by Gulzar that emphasises the fact that one is never too old to fall in love. This beautiful song was sung by RahatFateh Ali Khan, who sang it so simply that we only had one word to describe it: WOW!

  1. O sathi re

‘O Sathi Re’ is a one-of-a-kind song. The lyrics are profound, and the manner in which they are sung differs significantly from what we often hear in Bollywood. It emphasises the need for intimacy as well as the power of love. The song’s picturisation corresponded to its words. Gulzar wrote the song, which was performed by Shreya Ghoshal and Vishal Bhardwaj. It is without a doubt one of the most sweet and endearing songs ever written.

  1. Pehli nazar mei

This Hindi love ballad is, in my opinion, Atif Aslam’s most admired song. This passionate love song, penned by Sameer and arranged by Pritam, is one of our favourites. We all know that the end outcome was just mind-boggling. Want to propose your crush on social media then this song is perfect to express your feelings towards her. Dedicate this song to your would be girlfriend by tagging her on social media.

  1. Who Lamhe

Woh Lamhe is that one old hindi songs to dedicate to your girlfriend which is known more for its beautiful Hindi love songs than for the film itself. Pritam composed the film’s music, while Sayeed Quadri wrote the lyrics. Although Pritam was apparently chastised for allegedly plagiarising the majority of the melodies, the film’s soundtrack went on to become a box office success. We chose ‘Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai’ because it was energetic and reflected the early phases of falling in love. Missing your ex girlfriend, send this song on whatsapp or dedicate this song on FM so that she also know your feelings.

  1. Tum se hi

‘Tum Se Hi’ could be the best song dedicated to girl friend in Mohit Chauhan’s voice, and it will stay with her to this day. Not only did Jab We Met provide us one of our favourite romance flicks, but it also offered us some amazing love songs that have stuck with us for years.

  1. Tujh mei rab dikhta hai

This beautiful Bollywood beloved song, composed by Jaideep Sahni and sung by Roop Kumar Rathod, was enough to make us realise that love is nothing more than devotion. This one has just one word to describe it: divine!

  1. Tere bina

The beginning of the endearing song was quiet and musical, and its Sufi undertones were enough to let us appreciate its beauty. Only a song written by two of the world’s finest maestros, Gulzar and Rehman, could accomplish such feats. And this one most certainly did. The song was filmed with Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai, and their chemistry lent a special touch to the song.

  1. Tum hi ho

Many individuals claim to have sobbed the first time they heard this endearing tune. We have no doubts about them. We’ve heard this love song a million times and yet can’t get enough of it. Mithoon’s lyrics, along with Arijit Singh’s vocals, resulted in a song that genuinely touched our hearts and could be one of the best song dedicated to your girlfriend.

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