Succulents are just cute plants that are in trend as always, these plants are just amazing and they are just popular everywhere, they are on Instagram and Pinterest and let us just say that everyone secretly wants to have them. If you have a loved one who is far from you then you can always order flowers online for them.

If you are looking for a gift for your loved one and don’t know what to buy for them then this Is perfect, the flowers that you are getting them, they might be able to handle them or might not if they are new plant parent but when it comes to succulents they are just easily manageable and will provide them the comfort that they are looking for and will not be a burden either. This plant is perfect for the ones who have busy working hours, the thing with other plants and potted flowers is that you need to regularly water them and groom them but when it comes to this plant you can always keep it in the sun and let it absorb the rays and this plant will grow on its own even though you are not able to give them enough water but there are facts that you should know:


The Latin version of the name is “succus” they are filled with water and nutrient-rich sap which minimizes the need of water and fertilizers and if you are planning on fertilizing them then you can always do that once a year, they will just grow perfectly on their own.


There are times when these plants are often confused with cacti, but you should know that the cacti are different and the succulents are just more than the desert plants that are there. The short leaved ones are known to perform better at the elevated points but you must remember to see them more than that.


You don’t have to be shocked about that, though green happens to be the most common colour in which these plants grow in but there are many colours that these plants have, there are pink, blue, purple and they bloom as well so you can see how many colours that they can have.


This is the most common question that the people ask but you need to see whether the whole plant is becoming a stem for the flower or the flowers are just growing on the sides, if the flowers are just growing on the sides then no the plant will not die but if there is just one flower on that plant then that plant is a monocarpic succulent so it is bound to die after flowering. But you can always approach the best florists & online flowers delivery in Bangalore and ask about the succulent that is not monocarpic in nature, this will let you spend some more time with your plant.


Most succulents are not bound to have pests but you need to make sure that you are not already buying a plant which has pests to it but pests in household plants are uncommon on the plant that is why this plant is just easy to care for. you can always go for them. there might be times when you might see some insects around it but that is just because of the process of pollination taking place which has nothing to worry about. You can always go for the plant even if you are a beginner.


These plants have their sun protection with the chalky substance that is present there on the leaves. This substance lets the plant be protected against the diseases and the pests as well. this plant will not be affected by the rays of the sun but what you need to realise is that they might change colours with too much sun being there which is nothing to worry about as they are just following the natural process.


These plants are just easy to grow as you can grow them with the leaves as well and then when they sprout just put them in the soil which will just help them to grow. You don’t have to do anything and they are the kind to just grow easily.

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