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As we know this year International Friendship Day will be celebrated on 30th July. Although friendship day in India will be observed on 2nd Aug 2020 (First Sunday of August month). This day is reserved to celebrate the beautiful bond of friendship. You can plan a hangout with your best friends to make this day memorable. You can also buy a lovely friendship day gift for him/her to wish a very Happy Friendship Day. By friendship, it doesn’t mean to a school or a college friend only. Your mentor can also be your best friend, your father, mother, brother, sister, husband or wife who are ready to stand with you in your sorrow or happiness.

A husband can also be your best friend as you spend most of your time with him. You share each and every feeling with him without any fear, you feel safe with him. So this friendship day you can also wish your happy with a lovely friendship day quotes or message. Here we are giving you some amazing friendship day quotes dedicated to Husbands.

1. “Thanks for all the laughter and smiles,
for all the happiness in good times,
for listening and caring, loving and sharing,
Thanks for giving me a wonderful gift of yourself”

2. “He made me laugh, wiped my tears,
hugged me tight, watched me succeed,
seen me failed, kept me strong,
I always wanted to friend forever and you are the one.”

3.”Marrying with your best friend is a blessing of God,
Thank you, god, for such blessing to me – Happy Friendship day to my best friend/husband”

4. “Life is better with your closest companion,

that is the reason I wedded mine”

5. “My husbands greatest imperfections are

A. He buckles down

B. He is excessively pleasant

I am a fortunate young lady”

6. “A friend can be a great strength when you failed,
A friend can be a great mentor when you need guidance
A Friend can be a great companion when you married to your friend”

7. “A few people never realize what it’s

like to have a husband

who additionally their closest companion.

I do and I am so grateful”

8. Husband – The man who loves me beyond my measure

H – He lifts me up when I am down
U – Understands me like none other
S – Supports my every dream
B – Believes in me no matter what
A – Accepts me flaws and all
N – Nurtures my heart and soul
D – Darn near perfect

9. “A couple can be a perfect couple if they are the best friend of each other,
And I am so proud that we are the one – Happy Friendship Day to My Dear Friend and Hubby”

10. Life has ups and downs but through it all,
I want you to remember that you have me,
standing side by side now and forever

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