There is no better time than Valentine’s Day to propose a girl. While most prefer to do it in person, the introverts may like to pop the question to the girl of their dreams on social media, where it is also easier to accept rejection. Here are some simple yet romantic ways you can make the Valentine’s Day proposal more special and memorable on various social media such as FB, Insta, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.

Propose a girl on Facebook

One extremely romantic way to get the girl you want to propose go gaga over you is by creating a short video on your memories with her. Simply put together photographs of you and her together from the times that are special to you both. If you want to bring out the emotional side of her, write a few lines about each memory and why it means so much to you. However, make sure not to post this video on her wall and tag her as it will be public and everyone will be able to say it. It is better to keep it private by sending it to her on Facebook messenger or over email, where not everyone, but only she can see it.

Proposing a girl on Instagram

Instagram is the perfect place to exhibit your talent and the chances of a girl saying yes to you increase if you propose to her in a rather creative way. First, identify your talent. What is it that will make your proposal look extraordinary and more special? If you sing well, sing a romantic song for her, or serenade her. If you write poetry, write a love poem for her and post it on Instagram. If you can dance well, do a dance for her and dedicate it to her. If you cannot think of any such talent to impress her, simply post-romantic dialogues from her favourite Hollywood or Bollywood movies. Use creative and romantic hashtags to catch her by surprise and woo her. These could include #OdeToHer, or #YouAreSpecial, #Valentine’sDedication and other such hashtags that will impress her. Once you have posted it on Instagram, reveal to her over the message that the dedication is for her.

Proposing a girl on Twitter

Just like Instagram is the perfect place for creative juices to flow freely, Twitter is the place for intellectuals, who like healthy conversations, or sapiosexuals. Thus, the best way to propose to your lady love on this form of social media is by saying it intelligently. An interesting way to do this by quoting romantic and memorable lines from mushy novels of her choice. If you do not know about her favourite novels, ask her about them a day before and then spring the surprise on her the very next day. Girls love surprises and she is sure to love it all the more and catch the hint if you follow this tip!

How to propose a girl on Whatsapp chat?

Whatsapp is a more intimate form of interaction as compared to other social media mentioned before. Therefore, keep the proposal as intimate and special as possible. Thankfully, there is no word limit on Whatsapp, which makes you free to express your feelings and thoughts. So, do not shy away from being wordy and penning a long, heart-touching message. Your messages could talk about the first time you met, your most memorable time with her and other such landmark days that you spent with her. Also, girls love compliments s shower her with a generous dose! Use cute emojis and GIFs to make your messages more eye-catching, but do not go overboard with them or your message may not seem as genuine.

Proposing Directly

Face to face is the best way to propose a girl. You can do this by spoiling her throughout the day by sending her gifts every few hours on the same day. Chocolates, cards, dresses, bouquet, and stuff toys are some of the best gifts you can give a girl to set the tone for the proposal. Once you have shown her how much you adore her by sending such gifts home to her, ask her out later in the day. Take her to her favourite restaurant or cafe and order her favourite food. Propose her in the most traditional way fancied by most girls all over the world- going down on one knee and saying the magical words that you know will make her fall in love with you and accept your proposal without hesitation. Remember to strike a good conversation with her before going down on one knee and show her how much you love her by being a good listener and ask her about her day etc. Another tip that will come in handy when proposing to her in person is to dress well and wear good perfume.

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