Popular cake flavours

When we talk about cakes, we just remember the sweetness that they are known to contain or the smiles they are known to put on the faces of other people. You can always get the cake delivery in Delhi for the ones who are far from you. In this way, you will be able to put a smile on their faces as well.

But when it comes to the world there are many cakes which are famous around the cakes, there may be cakes that you may not know if but moreover, the cakes are just fun. Mostly these cakes are famous where they are right now because of the ingredients that are available there. These ingredients make everything special for them and there is so much to know about a country or the traditions that they have that we just cannot remember them.

So here are a few cakes that have been picked up from various countries over the time so let us see how many you have tried and if you haven’t tried one then you can always keep a list of the cakes that you have to try:


This is the most famous cake and the cake that you might love as well. No one can miss the black forest cherry cake, endowed with exotic cherries this ace knows how to make one’s soul smile. You can always order it for yourself whenever you feel a little down and this cake will just lift your spirits. Each layer is separated by the whipped cream and the cherries which just provide a rich taste to it. You know which cake you can always go for. It is also in the list of the world’s top 10 favourite cakes as well.


When it comes to the cake this cake has its own story, this cake is called “king’s cake” and it is often eaten in the first week of January or after Christmas is over. You can always surprise your loved one with this cake. This cake has a toasted look to it, and it is made of layers of the puffed pastry kind of structure and the powdered sugar, enough to satisfy your taste buds. If you ever feel like going for a tasty sweet treat, then this one is for you.


These cakes are made from the milk that is also called solidified milk when you are just cooking the milk until the liquid evaporates. It has a lot of cashews and the nuts to it, this cake is just a delight for the Mumbaikars who are there. It is served in Mumbai more often, but the recipe is just as easy if cooked with perfection, you can also make it at your place.


This just looks delicious and is again a perfect birthday cake if you want it to be, it is the three milk cake as the cake is the sponge based cake but is later soaked in three kinds of milk, the condensed milk then it is oaked in the evaporated one and then the last is the regular milk and then this cake is served. The recipe for this cake arises from Mexico but now the cake is just popular all-over South America. You can always go for the cake as it has a very different taste from the usual sponge cake that you are thinking about.


This is another delicacy from around the globe which will just keep your taste buds engaged for a longer period and something that you can always opt for. The cake is just made with the raisins and the currants and has a spongy look to it. There are times when the Scottish whiskey is also added to the cake which again makes the cake a little special. The cake is also decorated with the almonds but that again depends on the baker if he wants to go for that.


When we talk about the cakes we just cannot forget Italy, this panettone is often considered as a traditional sweet bread loaf but this is just more than that, mostly the cake is eaten at the Christmas days or on the day of new years eve. This cake is just perfect as you can have it with the sweet liquors or the hot chocolate as you may please.

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