event management

What do you understand by event management? 

Events could be occasions, festivals, conferences, team building proceedings, sports meet, celebrations, exhibitions, concerts, political rallies etc.

Management is handling and appropriate utilization of resources.

Event management thus entails conceptualizing, budgeting, selecting & reserving of event sites, acquiring of requisite permits & permissions, security, decorations, arranging local support, anchoring, housekeeping, catering and executing of functions, festivals, conferences, team building proceedings, sports meet, celebrations, exhibitions, fashion shows etc.

It is also an extended function of marketing whereby the companies organize events to target a particular set of audience to reach out to them and introduce a particular product or service and to take their feedback.

Career in event management course in Bangalore is both exciting and fulfilling. Exciting since no two events or days is same. Fulfilling since it involves good remuneration besides creative satisfaction, socializing, traveling, flexibility, excitement and independence to work. 

Skills required for Event management

  • Good Communication, networking skill & outgoing personality: Event management requires constant interactions with not only the stakeholders and clients but also with the team involved with execution of events. Satisfied stakeholders & clients will ensure future business. Happy team leads to a motivated team going out of their way to ensure better execution and client satisfaction.
  • Leadership and decision-making skill is essential to guide their teams in order to fulfill their responsibilities diligently.
  • Organizational and time management skills ensure happy customers as well as vendors.
  • Passion and creativity ensures unique concepts and better execution of quality events.
  • Multi-Tasking skills are required since it involves dealing with different teams working on different processes-catering, decorations, stage management etc.
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines 

Event management courses in Bangalore:

There are many “Professional event & experience management courses” available in Bangalore that are curetted as per the current market trends. You should deliberate on the following features while choosing the right course:

  • Ensure that the course is certified and the curriculum is co-developed with Events & Entertainment Management Association of India (EEMA), the largest and premier Industry body of India and entire Asia.
  • The course should facilitate experiential learning through participation by students in events both at domestic and international markets – Jaipur Lit Fest, Times Lit Fest, Dubai Shopping Festival, Indian Fashion Week, Film Festivals etc. This should also be complemented with internships and placements with appropriate organizations.
  • The course must develop competencies involving different aspects of event management-business development, budgeting, sponsorship sales, operations, laws and permissions, vendor management, amalgamating the event with marketing strategy & brand communication, integrating with mass & social media, live streaming of events etc.
  • Workshops and master classes should be conducted by Industry experts to provide students with perspective about industry.
  • The college/course must have association with Industry bodies involved in conducting large scale events-Association with Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI).
  • The college should offer additional career support courses like marketing to complement your existing capabilities. 

Why event management courses in Bangalore?

  1. Bangalore is the career hub of India. Due to the presence of lots of IT industries, and MNC’s, there are lots of opportunities for event organizers in terms of launch events, team building events and other conferences, workshops etc.
  2. Bangalore is also home to lots of ecommerce and apparel manufacturers. Thus paving way for product launches, fashion shows & Miss India pageants etc.
  3. Bangalore, being a cosmopolitan city, attracts people from across the world, hence involves celebrating lots of festivals, weddings and hosting of lots of events like concerts, realty shows etc.
  4. Bangalore is an educational hub, thus again drawing students from across the world. Lots of college fests, graduation parties etc. are added opportunities for event organizers.
  5. Bangalore provides good infrastructure for varied sports – cricket, archery, athletics, football, hockey etc. thus opening up lots of opportunities in organizing of sporting events.

Why wait? Let’s get on the board for an exhilarating and rewarding journey into the world of events.


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