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As overloading students with facts becomes a major cause of concern across the education fraternity, the best schools in Gurgaon are stepping up to understand the physiology of understudies learning. Since time immemorial, imparting theoretical education to students has been seen as the most important activity for learning. 

A strong opinion has long supported this model as a way to evaluate the schools and their responsibility towards the students. While the theory certainly helps the students revive the activity from school. This at times results in overburdening and adversely impacts the cognitive skill of a child. 

To be able to provide an overall development to the child the best schools in Gurgaon regularly focus on the understanding of the learning process. These schools do not rely on strict methods of teaching. The schools are flexible and allow the student to orchestrate their unique method of growth. The role of the school and the teacher is to oversee the smooth transition.

In order to facilitate overall growth of the student, here are some of the essential fabrics of the learning process that these schools follow on the campus:


The attention span of a child is that of a goldfish. It is very difficult for the curious and intuitive brain of a child to submit themselves to a task for long. As difficult as it may seem, paying attention is the first lesson to learn and unlearn.

Logically, a child only pays attention to subjects of their own choice. This means that the school must devise methods to make all the subjects interesting for the students. This largely depends on the method of teaching.

The teacher’s job is to teach the subject in a way that the child is least distracted. This is only possible if the student can connect with the topic being discussed in the classroom. Using physical activities is one such method to help the child avoid getting distracted and remain alert.


The second step to learning once the child has all your attention is memory building. All the attention in the classroom is a waste if the child is not able to retain the information. Memorising is a complex process and differs from person to person. While one student may be able to grasp all at once, the other student might suffer despite trying hard.

A student has to attend many subjects in a day. This can also lead to a problem of plenty. With so much new information coming their way, it becomes difficult to compartmentalise.

The role of the teacher here is to simplify the topics and keep jogging the memory lane with activities or fun quizzes related to the topic. Regular updates will help the students successfully transfer the knowledge from short term memory to working memory. 


One of the major reasons why communication fails is due to the barrier in communication. The barrier here does not necessarily mean the language dialect, but the way it is passed from one person to another. 

In a class full of students, it is very easy for a child to lose their way if they are not able to decipher the language. Not all students can process language equally. While some may have the right skill, others will need extra attention or a simpler method. The teachers in the best schools aim to reach out to such students while delivering classes.

This approach helps the teacher to connect with all the students at the same time. 


The human brain processes the information by the method of organizing it. This process of organizing usually takes place in two unique methods, spatial and sequential.

When the student can connect with the information by relating the size or position of the problem, it is called a spatial method. Alternatively, when the same information is used to create other meaningful responses, it is called the sequential method.

As the student learns a method to place number 1-100, they use the spatial organizational skills to place them in order. However, when the same numbers are used for different purposes such as subtract, addition, division, this is when the sequential method is used.

The role of the teacher here is to make this transition smooth for the students. The students who are good at these organizational skills are easily able to cajole logic. For the other, the teachers have to devise a method that makes them not left out.

Solving puzzles, group activities, interactive assignments or even using smart classes can help the students ace the learning process.

The best schools in Gurgaon have trained teachers with a firm understanding of these cognitive traits. This will help the students feel secure and motivate them to express themselves unconditionally during all times. 

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