Event Planners Vs Event Managers

Have you ever listened to the terms event planner and event manager? These terms are interchangeably used by many professionals. An employee’s role cannot be determined by his title in an industry and it doesn’t matter whether it is an event industry or some other industry. Because of this, communication problems can occur as we move from one business to the other business. Sometimes, within a team also, the communication problems can occur. When several event professional’s duties overlap then miscommunication arises. Now it can become quite confusing to identify which duties and roles can be assigned to these. The roles and titles can be more intricate if it gets larger like a team. Now I am going to tell you the key differences between event managers and event planners.

1.A compelling narrative is usually developed by event planning – What can you achieve from an event? Its vision is basically created by the event strategist or the client.

  • How will the event take place?
  • Where will the event take place?
  • When the event will take place?
  • What type of event is this?
  • Who will organize the event?

All these questions are answered by the event planner. The responsibility of most of the pre-event tasks is given to the event planner. With this, the big picture can be created after deciding the key event elements. The objectives and goals of the client can be accomplished by creating an event and this task is given to the event planner. The feasibility of the plan can be ensured by the event manager who is responsible for this task. The event planner’s responsibilities are:

  • Choosing a central theme
  • Preparing the budget for the event
  • Picking the venue
  • Discussing the contracts
  • Picking up vendors
  • Getting a caterer at rent and developing a menu
  • Selecting the speakers
  • Picking a décor
  • Controlling communications and invitations
  • Selecting event entertainment
  1. A flawless execution is necessary for the event management – It takes only a few days to execute the event by the event manager whereas several months’ time is taken by the planners of the event. But that does not mean that event managers can do it easily. Their main focus is on the successful completion of the event. While doing this task they may be facing the clients and remain on-site. It is also necessary for them to resolve all the issues, have some experience and be professional. As compared to the planners, the tenure is more for the event managers because they are comparatively more experienced and so their requirement is more. Event’s legwork is known to them because these people are experienced in planning. So, the on-site movement of pieces is under their control. Therefore, they can manage a perfect event. The event manager has some responsibilities, which are:
  • He manages the logistics by arriving at the venue before the event and stay there till it finishes
  • He manages and coordinates the speakers, suppliers, vendors and staffing agency
  • For parking of the vehicles at the venue, he develops a plan for parking
  • He creates a plan for safety and health of all the attendees of the event
  • He monitors the complete event
  • He is responsible for interfacing with the client

Managers and planners need to be experienced for the success of the event

A responsibilities’ list is automatically developed in the mind of the manager and the planner according to the event type. Communication is the key here. A dedicated and communicative event professional is required for the successful planning and execution of the event. When interfacing with the different teams of the event, you need to be aware of the differences between event planning and Event Management.


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