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Kolkata, third most productive metropolitan states of India. Various sectors which contribute to the economic growth of a country are the food sector, agricultural sector, electronics, plastic, steel, etc. Due to the location of the city, many opportunities are there for entrepreneur blogs to start with.

The city acts as the main market for northern states and it trades with many nearby countries like Nepal, Bhutan, etc. This trade surely increases economic growth, and on the other hand also increases the demand for employees, workers, etc. Best way to start your own business. The latest business trends help the new entrepreneurs to settle their own business in a city which is trading in every sector.

Do you want to know which will be the best business blogs to start in Kolkata? If yes, then go ahead and know about some best small business blogs which can be done with low investment.

1.Saree business

Kolkata, known for its artistic and quality weaving style and the business attracts many customers from around the world and from other states. Many types of sarees are available and the sarees enhance the beauty of the wardrobe of Bengal. So, if you start this business then it can be very profitable and also it depicts the city’s culture. It is one of the best small business ideas in Kolkata.

2.Fishery business

Fish, the main food of the people of Kolkata, and the city has the highest customer of fishery. The demand for fish consumption always remains high in Kolkata. One of the flourishing businesses to start with if proper conditions are provided for flourishing this business.

3.Bengali sweet business

The speciality of Kolkata is its sweets like rasgulla, ras malai, etc. People are often seen crowded in the sweet shops as the sweets are very much liked by the people. Not only  locals but  people from across the world come here to taste this speciality. A very profitable business which can be started with low investment.

4.Jute bag business

Now as the use of plastics is almost banned, jute bags are considered and Kolkata has excelled in the production of jute bags. And the changing environmental conditions have led to the great use of jute. You can sell these manufactured jute bags or you can also manufacture the jute bags. Best business idea to start in Kolkata.

5.Leather product business 

If you have the knowledge and experience then you can get into the business of manufacturing leather products. Many training centres are provided for the new entrepreneurs so that they can know about the business.

6.Tourism business

Kolkata is a city which is known for its historical significance, and a huge number of tourists visit the city because of this. The festival of Durga puja attracts many people from across the world and for this you can offer services like providing transportation, providing a facility of guides who give information about the art and culture of the city. Best business idea with low investment.

7.Personal trainer business

If you like to remain fit and also want to help others so that they can remain fit, you can offer your services and tips of remaining fit at their homes or at a local gym. Not only this, you can also start your own blog on how to remain fit.

8.Tutoring business

If you know teaching skills and want to help children in their studies then you can start your own tutoring classes on any particular subject or on various subjects. You can create your own blog about studies and can record your teaching videos and can upload on social media platforms. Best and most good business idea to start in Kolkata.

9.Translation service business

Companies, individuals, and some government officials hire translators which can be able to speak in different languages. So, if you are fluent in different languages then this idea can act as very grateful for starting a business of your own.

10.Gardening business

Do you love working outdoors? If yes, then this business idea is best to start in Kolkata as you can work for private as well as for business clients. Gardening is one of the most important businesses as nowadays more focus is given on greenery. You can start this business so that the plants of your clients look stunning.

11.Event planner business

Do you like organizing parties and meetings? If yes, then turn your hobby into a business. Create your own agency and plan every event, wedding, and many other big things. Everyone needs an event planner for organizing their parties. You need to be patient and need to solve the problems of clients.


So, these are some of the business blogs India which can be very profitable for you and can take you to great heights. Just select one idea which you think is good for you and in which you feel happiness and freedom. Many online business blogs are emerging which makes the people dependent and tension free.

So, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to walk with the advancing era. Start your own business and prove yourself in front of others.


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