Board Exam Tips To Score Well

Education is anything which you will never ever lose in your entire life till you die, this will end with the end of your life. Try to enjoy the topic that you are studying because if you can’t enjoy the study, the study never gives you a fruitful result.

As to score good marks in class 12th exam not only effective learning is important but efficient learning is also very important and plays a major role to score good marks in the exam I generally mean about efficient learning is when to try to study according to your mood or according to your favorable time.

followings are the 5 tips and suggestions for, How to score good marks in the exam, All these 5 tips are very important to get good marks in board exams:-

  1. Make Structured Timetable:-

A structured timetable is a very necessary and prior thing on which you have to work first. If everything is in an organized and structured manner then there is clarity in your mind that when you have to study, when you have to do other works. It is the key point that every learner should focus on. A timetable and routine are very important not only in study but in every field it can be business, job, etc. Many big businessmen always told in their speech that time management is very important for growth and expansion, the timetable is one of the factors of time management which plays a very big role.

  1. Must know your Syllabus:-

The Second important thing is the Syllabus you must know about your syllabus of the subject or any other thing about which you are going to study. This is your first task before you go to read the particular subjects. The main reason for doing this because your mind should be clear about what you are studying and what you will study after that, this is also one of the psychological factors which directly affects your mood of studying. Actually, sometimes people don’t know what they are studying or like if they are giving time to study then they must study which will help him to score well in a particular subject. And remember always download or see your syllabus from the authorized website which is commended by your respective board. for example; you will get the syllabus of all the subjects of the CBSE board from

  1. From where to Study:-

You can study from wherever or whichever platform, you would like to study. I never ever suggest to anyone that if they will not pay attention in their classes then they would not understand the particular topic or subject. There are many other platforms apart from physical classes where you will get the best understanding of any topic, like Youtube, online courses, a study by notes, etc. I would suggest you go for different platforms for study in boards this will help you to develop your own directory of an answer for any question that will come in your board exam. you can also go for more than one book for a single chapter as well, as it could take some more time but we will get a more easy and simple point that you can learn fast.

  1. Make Short Notes:-

The third very important thing is that you always have to make notes while taking any classes, or wherever you are studying. you don’t have to make bulky notes but you just have to write only key points and make sure these are short so you can easily find the conclusion of the same topic. And always try to revise the chapter once a week that will help you to keep that chapter in your mind, you only have to see the notes. Actually, our mind keeps the image of anything very fast so for creating that irremovable image in your mind you must have to revise. Mainly you can write the head topics in your notes as well.

  1. Study these Short Notes – from time to time:-

You can easily learn any subject by following the above-mentioned suggestions/tricks but to perform well in your exam you must have to study or go through these notes after some short duration of time because you mind learn those things or keep in mind those things which the mind see again and again so that you can efficiently utilize these notes. I also mentioned this in the above point that you must have to revise these notes from time to time for giving the best answer in your board examination

So I will always suggest you all for the board preparation or for any other preparation always remember these 5 tips to score good and satisfy yourself and your family. In the above tips and suggestions, I explain my experience of board and the thing that I did to score good marks on boards.


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