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Web designer and web developer job roles sound similar, but there are some certain differences between these two. When you complete your design course, you will get plenty of opportunities. The differences between web designing and web developers give you a clearer idea. The advantages of web development and design will help you to understand the actual scenarios.

Web development works are more associated with development knowledge. But the design parts are more dominated by the outlook designing tools usages. Check out the UI and UX design course for more details.

Let’s see first who web developers are.

Who Are Web Developers?

Web developers are responsible for various uses of transmissions. Their works are associated with the development languages. The web developers are taking care of the functional parts of the web pages.

So when you want to be a professional web developer, you have to be well aware of a few facts like programming and designs. Web developers are working with HTML, Javascript, and CSS. Even knowledge about the other programming languages has added more advantages.

Front End Developer’s Skill Sets:

In the web development sectors, the front end, they were placings, and the back end developer’s requirements are different. Front developers do not handle the database systems, so every front-end developer has HTML and CSS knowledge.

Here are common skills and tools required for front-end web developers.

  1. HTML, CSS, and javascript
  2. CSS preprocessors
  3. Frameworks, AngularJS, ReactJS
  4. Web template designs
  5. Libraries and queries
  6. On-site search engine optimization

Back-End Developer’s Skill Sets:

Back-end developers are handling the logical and data management part. They write the API and routing. By using these two, they are allowing the data flow. The programming languages and the tools are different from the front-end languages. Back-end developers’ skills are entirely based on database management systems and security perspectives.

Here are common skills and tools which are required for back-end developers.

  1. Server-side programming languages
  2. Server-side web development frameworks like Ruby and .NET
  3. My SQL Database management systems
  4. Authentication and security aspects
  5. Server knowledge

These are the basic skill sets for any web developer. So if you like to be in this department, it is better to know some of these languages. Then you can excel in your career.

Who Are Web Designers?

Web designers are taking care of the design parts of the web pages. Their works are more associated with design parts. Web designers are responsible for knowing how the codes work. But web designers are aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly for website viewers. Often they use graphs to design the software. They are using graphics and photoshop to design the software. They are using software like photoshop, Abode, and Inkscape.

Here are common skills and tools that distinguish web designers.

  1. Adobe Creative Suite like Photoshop, Illustrators, or any other design software.
  2. The graphic design
  3. UI and UX design
  4. Logo designs
  5. Layouts and other formats
  6. They are placing the right call-to-action buttons at the right place
  7. Do the branding
  8. Place the wireframes, mock-ups, and other storyboards
  9. Use the colour palettes
  10. Typography

These are the common differences between web designers and web developers. But apart from these, many more applicable differences are also present between them.

5 Key Difference Between Web Developer And Web Designer

Web developers are designers whose works are a little bit similar. But apart from these, there are many more functional and operational differences between them.

The web design trends keep changing based on the viewer’s requirements. But the skill set of the web developers is more stable. Trends frequently change in the designing sectors, but development sectors remain stable.

Take a glimpse of a few operational differences between a web developer and a web designer.

SL No. Web Developer Web Designer
1 Web developers are responsible for the functional improvements of the web pages. Web designers are responsible for the website’s looks and other outlook features.
2 Web developers are working for the email services, user authentication, databases with other technical aspects of the websites. Web developers are using tools and codings. Web Designing Misconceptions are associated with that web designers do not require to know the code. But coding knowledge for the designers is adding more advantages.


3 The web development challenges are not free from coding knowledge. Every developer does the coding with HTML and CSS. Web languages are pretty standard. So you do not find any long-term change in them.


The trends in UI/UX designs are now marketing the best technology to design a web page. So every designer has to know the latest trends.


4 Any successful developers have a limited idea about web designs. Web designers do not have thorough knowledge about web development and coding.
5 The page loading speed and other functional areas are working areas for web developers. Web designers are keeping the information like page layouts, graphic designs, and logo designs.


For any custom software development, you are using multiple development programming languages. These programming languages are not similar to web development programming languages. But if you are in the programming and development sectors, you will get multiple benefits out of this knowledge. So sharpen your primary programming languages to start your career in this sector.


There is always a difference between a web developer and a web designer. Both of these professional’s work on the same front of web development. Web development and designing are not only different. The skillset requirements are also additional. I think this article gives you the whole idea about how the difference is going on. When you know the difference between these two, you can quickly pick your career choice. So which career option are you going to select? Do not forget to share your opinion in the comment sections.

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