travel safety during covid 19

While leading our comfortable lives, nobody had thought that we would ever face a situation like this where restoring normalcy becomes the greatest struggle. COVID-19 has infected our lives with isolation and forced us to think twice before stepping out. Travelling safely during the lockdown and COVID-19 situation is now the main concern of everyone. In consultation with the Chief Minister of various states, our Honorable PM – Mr. Narendra Modi had announced lockdown for a few months. But, it couldn’t be extended considering its adverse effects on our economy.

After a long spell of lockdown in India, finally, COVID unlock came. The lockdown has not been totally unveiled. But, offices, shops, parlors, restaurants, malls have resumed their services. There was a lot of probing on whether travel should be started or not. But, finally, it came up with a positive result allowing people to travel in lockdown. By starting train, air and interstate travel after lockdown, people reached their homes conveniently. It also allowed entrepreneurs to travel due to business purpose and let their work doesn’t get suffered.

Now, let’s look at the common guidelines for domestic travel during COVID – 19 (air/train/inter-state bus travel):

  1. Listen to the Do’s and Don’ts by the agencies concerned from which tickets are bought.
  2. Download Aarogya Setu app on mobile devices
  3. The States and Union Territories would that the passengers would undergo thermal screening at the point of departure.
  4. Only Asymptomatic passengers are allowed to board flight/train/bus.
  5. Throughout travelling, passengers would use face covers or mask.
  6. Social distancing needs to be followed at airports/railway stations/bus terminals.
  7. The passengers have to follow hand, respiratory and environmental hygiene.
  8. Asymptomatic passengers will be permitted to go if they ensure that they will self-monitor their health for 14 days. In case, they develop any symptoms, they shall inform the district surveillance officer or the state/national call centre (1075).
  9. Follow other precautionary measures to be announced at the airports/railway station/bus terminals and in flights/trains/bus

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