GOAT Full Form

What is the meaning of term G.O.A.T :

GOAT is the term used to praise great athletes, musician or any other public figure person. GOAT stands for “Greatest Of All Time”. On social media platforms people uses this term to make funny memes.

From where the term GOAT come from :  This term first started to praise the great boxer Muhammad Ali. In his career time people used to called him with the nickname “The Greatest”. Later on, in 990 his wife changed it to GOAT, i.e Greatest Of All Time to gain publicity.  Second time this term got popularity when the rapper LL Cool J, named his rap album GOA – Greatest of All time.

Gradually this term got popularity and fans of great athletes, rappers, players start using this term GOAT to Crown this title to their favourite public figure.

In 2004 the urban dictionary define this  term GOAT as ‘Exceptional’ or ‘Tight’. Nowadays people on social media also using the term GOAT to make fun of others. You can find a lots of funny memes over internet where GOAT is used to mock others.

Full of GOAT acronym :

G – Greatest

O – Of

A – All

T – Time

GOAT Full Form in Hindi:

गॉट एक शार्ट टर्म है। अगर हम इसका शाब्दिक अनुवाद करे तो इसका अर्थ होता है सर्वश्रेश्। ये एक तरह की उपाधि है जिसे जाने माने खिलाड़िओं , गायकारों या किसी भी विख्यात हस्ती को दिया जाता उसकी तारीफ करने के लिए। आजकल ये शब्द सोशल मीडिया पर लोगो का मजाक बनाने के लिए भी उपयोग किया जाने लगा है|

G – Greatest (महान)

O – Of (का)

A – All (सभी)

T – Time (समय)

इस तरह गॉट का मतलब हुआ अब तक का सबसे महान या सर्वश्रेष्ठ।

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