Motivational Hindi Songs From Bollywood

Motivation is a feeling that is underestimated. People are not using motivation as energy but rather as a phenomenon ‘by chance.’ If you know anything will make you do the thing that you want to do then why not, right?

Healthy training music not only helps boost the durability of the workout, but it also improves people’s enthusiasm for a wonderful day. It is necessary to change your body to enhance your beat output to get the best effect of music.

The main goal of the workout is to relax and ready for the day. And, of course, a healthy workout playlist is the perfect way to relax.  Search and download best motivational Hindi songs for workout from internet and make your gym workout more inspirational.

It becomes difficult to survive without having a positive attitude and the motivation has to come from the inside. If you are in your student life then a playlist of good inspirational Bollywood songs can help you to achieve your goal.  We have included the best motivational songs in Hindi for student also in our below given list.

Various specialists in human conduct have talked about art’s effect on the human brain. Everyone has a movie or song that motivates them in one way or another.

We have made a list of some Hindi Motivational Songs of Bollywood that you should definitely try:

  1. Mardani Anthem from Mardani:

It is one of a kind album. The song has the power to put yourself in a position to judge yourself not just for yourself but also for your friends and family to make the correct decision. This powerful song helps you double the weights. 

  1. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag Title Song:

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is one of the most outstanding blockbusters in Indian cinemas. I decided to work out, after watching this movie. If you’ve not seen the film, watch it. This song is going to harden up your power, and again give it your best shot. Another movie celebrating the struggle within each Indian to highlight their country, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is really about the dedication of the Flying Sikh, Milkha Singh. This music lifts you up and is also a great song to have for workouts on your album. 

  1. Chak De India Title Song:

Another example of the Best Hindi Motivational Song is the Chak De India Title Song! Once the Indian women’s hockey team eventually gets together, they start putting all their energies into the World Cup victory. Chak De India (2007)! I believe that this film song from Bollywood is extremely important. It’s one of our top options by loaded up SRK in Salim-Sulaiman music and video. To experience this patriotic song definitely will give you goosebumps on Independence Day! 

  1. All Is Well from 3 Idiots:

It was a beautiful song to keep hope in your life and to explore more in life. Shaan was a popular musician for many years.

Further on, rhythm n gash won’t let you lose aerobics as it offers the best song of aerobics

This song is from one of the Best Comedy Movies of Bollywood. 

  1. Zinda Song Bhaag Milkha Bhaag:

Another brilliant Bhaag Milkha Bhaag movie motivational album. The song is played as it trains like a lion, and races on rivers, beaches and hills with a weight tied to it. Once you listen to this Hindi motivational song, when you light up the fire inside, you think you’re going to hit the streets and start your journey towards your aim. The main character (Milkha Singh) is very hungry to do something amazing when he comes home with failure. And this music came into existence. 

  1. 6. Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai from Mary Kom:

This song comes from Mary Kom’s 2014 biopic. If you don’t know her struggle, watch this film. Vishal Dadlani beautifully sings Ziddi Dil. It is composed by Shashi Suman and written by Prashant Ingole. The song’s lyrics directly show the heart is really strong and will do whatever it needs to do. Just as Mary Kom didn’t stop to do something that she was most enthusiastic about, we should never give up anymore. 

  1. Parwah Nahi song From MS DHONI:

The song comes from the movie ‘MS Dhoni-The Untold Story’ by Mahendra Singh Dhoni, a celebrity in India. He empowered a million people here and this movie deals with the struggle and the difficulties MSD has to face today. Do not worry if the path to success is challenging and even fear not if the faces of the dreams are confusing.

This music came in the critical part of the film, where MSD makes a poor attempt to get the chance and tries to try and work as hard as possible. He plays cricket tennis ball, cork ball and works as a ticket dealer. 

  1. Kar Har Maidaan Fateh from Sanju:

Another Hindi motivational song that can not have skipped the list is Kar Har Maidan Fateh from Sanju. This makes you overcome all the obstacles. It is a fantastic song. It helps you to use the situation in which you find yourself. The song allows you to reach the desired dream. You’re told to melt all the chains and bring out a knife. Climb the mountains of the highest. It says you ‘re just down but alive. 

  1. Roobaroo from Rang De Basanti:

Roobaroo, written by Prasoon Joshi and A R Rahman, has the power to continue. The lyrics translate loosely to ‘I always thought I was big than the sun.’ It gives you that level of enthusiasm. You believe that everything you want will be achieved, that you have the strength you should have to swallow a rock. In the film Rang de Basanti, this song was released in 2005. The songs are A R Rahman and Naresh Iyer. 

  1. Dangal movie Title Song:

This song is my favourite of all time and is written by Pritam and chanted by Daler Mehndi. The legendary Amitabh Bhattacharya writes the lyric. Every word is inspiring in this song and it gives us the strength to do whatever we want to do in mixture with the music. 

  1. Ae Watan from Raazi:

Searching for any patriotic Hindi songs to experience on this Independence Day? Each one has the right formula to make this one of the most motivating of modern Hindi songs. The heart-touching lyrics penned by Gulzar and Allama Iqbal paired with the soulful voice of Sunidhi Chauhan and strung into the music of Shankar Ehsaan Loy, how can it get better than that? Alia Bhatt ‘s performance, one of the best patriotic films based on an unsung war hero, was just the cherry on top. 

  1. Naav from Udaan:

Perhaps the most soulful number on the list, Naav from the movie Udaan is catching your interest from the acoustic guitar’s first strum. It’s one of those songs that you would like to listen to on a cold, Sunday evening to get you into the habit of taking on the new week without becoming too harsh. 

Here is a collection of Best Hindi Motivational Songs of Bollywood that we provided. Listen to all of them, and take full strength and enthusiasm to charge yourself. So download the mp3 or video version of these inspirational hindi songs.


Bonus : List of some amazing hindi songs you can play during workout

आशाएँ – Aashayein (K.K, Iqbal) :

कुछ पाने की हो आस आस
कुछ अरमाँ हो जो ख़ास ख़ास
हर कोशिश में हो वार वार
करे दरियाओं को आर पार

चक लेन दे – Chak Lein De (Kailash Kher , Chandni Chowk to China)

है नहीं तीर तलवार, नहीं गोली, नहीं गोली

तू खुद हैं तेरी फ़ौज, तू ही टोली, तू ही टोली -2

तारों को पकड़ लेन दे, तेज धारों को जकड लेन दे

आज फट्टे चक लेन दे, हो चक लेन दे

आज फट्टे चक लेन दे, हो चक लेन दे

अपना टाइम आएगा – Apna Time Aayega –  (Ranveer Singh – Gully Boy)

कौन बोला मुझसे ना हो पायेगा

कौन बोला, कौन बोला अपना टाइम आएगा

उठ जा अपनी राख से तू , उठ जा अब तलाश में

परवाज़ देख परवाने की असमान भी सर उठाएगा

आएगा अपना टाइम आएगा


BROTHERS ANTHEM – (Vishal Dadlani –  Brothers)

Ho tukdon mein bikhra andhera
Chamka sitara jo tera
Ambar pe aa dastkhat kar de
Tu ab talak tha adhoora
Hone hi wala hai poora
Hadd se guzar ja tu hadd kar de
Hai chaah toh hai raasta
Ye jaan le zara
Mumkeen nahin hai kya agar
Tu thaan le zara


Chal Utth Bandeya – (Sukhwinder Singh- Do Lafzon Ki Kahani)

चल उठ बंदेया ऐ खूं बोल्दा
रंग रंग में विच जूनून बोल्दा

चल उठ बंदेया ऐ खूं बोल्दा
रंग रंग में विच जूनून बोल्दा

सूरमा Soorma Anthem   – (Shankar Mahadevan – Soorma)

पीछे मेरे अँधेरा आगे अंधी आँधी है

मैंने ऐसी आँधी में दिया जलाया है

दिल पत्थर ही जाएगा या पत्थर का दिल धड़केगा

ऐसी एक चट्टान से मैंने सर टकराया है

धज्जी धज्जी..

धज्जी धज्जी रात पुरानी छेड़ सुबह की नयी ये कहानी


चले चलो – Chale Chalo – (A. R. Rahman – Lagaan)

बार बार हाँ, बोलो यार हाँ
अपनी जीत हो, उनकी हार हाँ

कोई हमसे जीत ना पावे
चले चलो, चले चलो
मिट जावे जो टकरावे,
चले चलो
भले घोर अंधेरा छावे
चले चलो, चले चलो
कोई राह में ना थाम जावे,
चले चलो


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