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The most trending and tropical course in this era is Data Science. It is even tagged as the “sexist job of the 21st century”. There have been so many questions raised about A Career in Data Science and what are the skills required to pursuit Data Science and how many roles are there in Data Science.

What is Data Science?

It is the study of large data by different kinds of methods, processes, and algorithms. With the help of Data Science, we can get the extracted data which can be used business decisions like what marketing strategy to adopt or what kind of discounts to be given.

In more simple words, we can say that a large number of data needs to be taken and analyze it and on the basis of this data, we have to make some decisions.

What do you understand by the word Data?. So, it appears so many times and has you ever wonder what kind of data is being referred to when talking about Data Science. So when we talk about data in data science we mean unstructured data or structured data which need to be analyzed or data need to be made structured by Data Scientist.

Accounting to the latest survey only 21% of the world data is structured and rest all data are unstructured, which makes Data Scientists so important for a company where data is the new oil for companies.

What does a Data Scientist do?

A Data Scientist in general terms takes a huge amount of data to extract valuable insights and information for making future business decisions.

Firstly, a Data Scientist asks questions to the stakeholders and understands their business problems. Accordingly, search for the data that business needs and follow the procedures of acquiring, processing, cleaning, storing, analyzing, and interpret the results.

What type of skills do you require?

From the introduction, we come to know that Data Science is not a piece of cake that anyone can pursuit. This course required a special set of skills and mindset to pursue this course to be a Data Scientist. The skills you need to have are listed below:-

  • You must be professional in statistic expertise in programming languages like R and python is the ought to.
  • You are required to have a very good understanding of processes like data extraction processing wrangling and exploration.
  • You must additionally be properly-versed within the unique forms of machine learning algorithms and how they work.
  • Advanced machine learning concepts like deep mastering are likewise needed you have to also possess good information on different big data processing frameworks, like Hadoop and Spark.
  • And subsequently, you must recognize the way to visualize the data through the usage of tools like Tableau and Power bi now.
  • You can learn to code as well which is by far demanded by many companies. Work on projects, learn solving case studies and gain practical knowledge as much as you can in college.

Apart from the above skills there some other skills to be considered vital:

  • Speaking skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Knowledge of domain
  • Well organized

Different types of roles in Data Science?

The most important question when pursuing a Career in Data Science is what types of different roles are available in Data Science. There is a billion or trillion different types of data are there that need to be structured and one role does not fit as Data Science is the vast field. So this new field promises to bring revolution to the different types of industry from business to government, health care to academia. This sentence is quoted by the New York Times. Listed below are the different types of jobs in Data Science:

  • MIS Reporting Executive: The role of MIS Reporting Executive is to have a meeting with company/organization topmost clients, employees in operations, marketing teams, finance, and public relation to discuss the goals of the company and is the system is helping them achieve. MIS reporting executive even troubleshoots the problem related to the system.
  • Business Analyst: The role of the Business Analyst is reducing the distance between the IT and the business using data analytics to clear the visions of the company goals and provide data to stakeholders and executives.
  • Data Analyst: This type of role involved in manipulating data and visualization of data. Making the best use of the resource is the must known skill for this role.
  • Statistician: They use software tools like statistical analysis to examine the exact data to understand the pattern, relationship or trends answer the data-related question by the manager or senior employees.
  • Data Scientist: Along with the predictive analysis data they also use coding to get data from unstructured data and help in making future strategies. Their role is also to clean unwanted data and manage the data.
  • Data Engineer/Data Architect: Data Engineer helps Data scientists as they collect & store the data, process the data in real-time, and serve it for analysis to them via an Application programming interface.
  • Machine Learning Engineer: The role of Machine Learning Engineer is to design and implement algorithms of machine learning. Benchmark infrastructure, data pipelines are also built by Machine Learning Engineer.
  • Big Data Engineer: The role of Big Data Engineer is to look for a creative resolution to solve tough problems. The responsibility of Big Data Engineer is to collect and process raw data at scale. They also analyze processed data. Using Selected tools frameworks to design and develop data applications as required.

What is a Data Scientist Salary?

The average salary of a Data Scientist specifically in India is Rs 7.0 Lacs annually having work experience for 1-2 years.

Similarly, the highest package can go up to Rs 10.0 Lacs annually or even more than that depending upon factors like work experience for more than 3 years, skillset, and job role, and this package is offered by companies like IBM Corp, Accenture, Wipro Technology, etc.

The minimum package starts from Rs 3.25 Lacs till Rs 5.0 Lacs with no prior experience in work but then it depends on the knowledge and learning acquired by the candidate from its past education.


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