App Store Optimization Strategy

With millions of apps being introduced every year, getting your mobile app noticed is one of the significant struggles faced by app developers. According to research by Forrester, 63% of the apps are discovered through app stores. This is why it is crucial to learn about app store optimization or ASO.  

So, what is AOS? How can you use it to get attention from loyal customers? Let’s discuss it. 

What is App Store Optimization?

Like marketers who use Search engine optimization or SEO to rank their website on top of the web search results, App Store Optimization or ASO is used by app developers to bring their app in the app store search results. It is the process of optimizing a mobile app to improve its visibility in the app store along with app conversion rates. ASO’s goal is to drive organic traffic to your app’s page so that the searchers can download your app.

Like SEO, ASO also requires an understanding of the target audience and keywords which your potential users are using to search apps.

You can approach various agencies that provide App Store Optimization services to help you get your app discovered in app stores and increase your conversion rates.

Why is ASO important?

Optimizing your app for app store search results is the most effective marketing strategy for mobile applications. Some benefits of App Store Optimization are:

  • It helps in improving app visibility so that potential customers can find your app easily.
  • ASO helps to get the app discovered by the right users as it matches your app to the keywords people are actually using to search apps like yours. It leads to organic app downloads and ensures long-term results.
  • It helps you lower down user acquisition costs by focusing on organic growth and cutting down ad costs.
  • With ASO, you can easily reach a global audience by making your app available in various languages.
  • Last but not least, more downloads may lead to increased revenue and conversion rates.

Ways to use App Store Optimization to get attention 

Now that you know what ASO is and how it can benefit your mobile application, it’s time to discuss a few steps that will help you improve your ASO in both Google Play and Apple app stores.

Let’s dive in.

  1. Pick a descriptive title for your app.

The name of your application is something that every user notices first. Thus, it is crucial to take time and think of a unique name for your app. Make sure the name is relevant to the app, keyword-rich, and is easy to read and remember. Further, the character count also plays an essential role. Currently, Google Play offers you 50 characters while you get 30 characters in the Apple App Store.

  1. Use keywords wisely

A keyword is a phrase and/or word that you want your app to be found with. To boost your search rankings, you must find the relevant keywords and are more often used by your target users. Here, you can consider multiple factors, such as app features, category, similar apps, commonly used terms, etc.

To find keywords and execute other ASO strategies, a mobile app marketing agency can help you immensely.

  1. Describe your app properly 

Your app’s description is like a website’s landing page. Thus, your app’s description and pages are a crucial part of the mobile app optimization strategy. It offers users information on what your app is about and its main features. This description is limited to 4,000 characters in both Google Play and Apple App Store.

Besides, an apt description also enables Google to find keywords and rank your app accordingly. So, make sure you use keywords in your description naturally to benefit your ranking algorithm.

Apple does not index keywords from the Apple App Store description. But, it is still advisable to write an attractive description to inform and provide value to users.

  1. Use attractive screenshots and icons.

Your app icon can form the first solid impression of your app among users. It is a major factor that determines whether users will click on search results or not. While designing your app icon, think about what your app is about and how you can visually reflect it.

Attractive screenshots and videos also play a crucial role in conversion rate optimization. According to research, people only spend 7 seconds deciding if they’re going to download the app or not. Hence, using relevant and beautiful images on your app profile page is likely to make a huge difference.

  1. App ratings and reviews 

Your app reviews and ratings are an integral part of ASO. Both app stores take into account the reviews your users leave for your app. The better your ratings, the more likely it is to get ranked higher on search results.

Wrapping things up

On the whole, if you are not using App Store Optimization to optimize your mobile app for search results, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity to increase your visibility and revenue.



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