Tips to grow youtube channel

Technically Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. With more than 1 billion audiences on Youtube, you have the chance to show your content in front of a global audience.

Maybe you have a YouTube channel, but it is not performing well or not growing. Or you might not be putting enough effort into growing it.

Let’s change that

In this tutorial, you will get some interesting techniques to grow your channel with the help of Youtube video marketing.

  1. Make a Sustainable Workflow of Video Production

Maybe you are creating videos and short films that will win various awards in Film festivals, but if every video takes a few months to output then videos are not going to increase your channel. Uploading videos regularly and at intimate times brings viewers to return for more content.

Choose a niche for creating and developing videos regularly. Keep improving for the production process and topics until you achieve a sustainable flow to regularly shoot and produce videos.

  1. Dedicate Yourself to Post Multiple Times in a Week

A survey is presenting, if anyone is posting videos on YouTube in a week their channel performances are pretty good and also get a good amount of views. If you are starting to build your audience, post three or more videos per week on youtube by maintaining a systematic schedule for multiple videos post it can speedily raise your YouTube channel in algorithms.

  1. Start Every Video with some Interesting Hook.

This technique depends on your content and you. Like if your video is about any project then present the end output first. An incredible result will make folks also interested to know how it will be done. This type of approach is very grateful for makeover videos and DIY. For example, If you are creating an Awesome Hairstyle video then you have to show some hairstyles first then show how to make it perfectly by using your method.

If you want to hold viewers then always sure that your opener directly relates to the matter of your chosen subject. Viewers wanted to see about the subject in the primary segment. That’s why they have clicked on your video.

  1. Use Endscreens To Promote Videos, Website or Channel

With the help of an end screen you can link any of your playlist, video, or your website page, channel, or channel subscriber link as well. You can only add the end screen to almost the last 20 sec of the video, so plan accordingly where you want them to appear. The best option to select the end screen frame with pretty good space at the end of the video. To engage viewers, end screen will provide viewers a particular reason to stay and watch the video to the very end and to pass on to your other videos. Put a few thoughts on viewers’ minds that are eventually to go after watching the video and by adding URLs in the description and using the end screen to send them there.

  1. Make Video Thumbnails Viewers Want to Click

Thumbnails can make or break your success on Youtube more than any other factor. Why? Because of Suggested videos.

The leading source of organic traffic is the suggested videos. Youtube endorses your video by saying to viewers that you might enjoy this video as well. Your thumbnail needs to stand out when your video appears as a suggested video, Because there are many other videos from different channels that are also showing, and by adding a good thumbnail you can stand out and have more traffic.

  1. To Improve Watch Time, Create Long Videos

In the past, short videos were considered better. But now, Long videos give more watch time which boosts the content by the algorithm. The right length video is just long enough to get all the required information without padding the video. Develop your video content keeping in mind that the video will be longer. Generally, videos that are 7-15 mins long tend to perform best.


To grow the Youtube channel, you require to keep in mind algorithms and viewers while developing your content. For audiences, make thumbnails that grab the attention quickly and provide exactly what you promised. Always start your video with strong hooks and edit your videos to keep it more interesting. In the end, try to build an experience that maintains audiences watching and comes back regularly to watch more.

Interesting content always pushes people to click and watch leads to increase watch time and retention, it will boost the visibility of your video throughout Youtube. Collaborations, playlists, end screens, and series of videos also improve visibility.

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