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Trends in digital marketing are continually changing and reaching new levels. However, many digital marketing trends are already established and ongoing. Everything in digital marketing is evolving, and the only thing we can do is predict new marketing trends.

Along with the digital marketing sector, digital marketing companies in Canada have also achieved tremendous growth through development. Are you looking for the current trends in digital marketing? If yes, you must check out the following information, which details 5 current digital marketing trends in 2023.

1. AI in digital marketing

Although artificial intelligence (AI) in digital marketing is still under development, it has been considered one of the leading digital marketing trends in 2023. Nowadays, you can find numerous AI tools that are advanced solutions for many digital marketing problems.

  • Growth of smart speakers

The growth in demand for smart speakers is considered a brilliant opportunity for marketers. It is because they can place advertisements on certain paid products or services.

  • Voice search has become common.

Voice search technology has become one of the easiest and most common ways for individuals to search for something. It has also changed how search marketing specialists optimize websites for better ranking.

  • Chatbots in Marketing

Chatbots have become quite common in business as many have started to use them for marketing and advertising. You can find chatbots on social media, AI-driven chatbots, and others.

2. Marketing trends in social media

In 2023, social media marketing will experience significant changes, and brands must keep up with the upcoming trends. While just a few years ago, Facebook was the main social media platform to focus on; nowadays, there are several others that brands need to maintain to have a strong presence in social media marketing. Even though Facebook is still famous, you must use many other channels to be effective in social media marketing.

Above all, the number of users active on social media is increasing daily, many times more than a few years ago. That is why almost all businesses have started to invest in social media marketing through various platforms. Nowadays, most marketers are active on social media and promote their products and services through ads and many other ways.

3. Rise of new trends in influencer marketing

In the past, influencer marketing was a simple process where one would pay a popular social media profile to promote their product and wait for the results. However, this approach is no longer effective as social media users have become more skeptical of influencer marketing. Successful social media influencers require expert knowledge and the ability to generate engagement.

4. Personalized digital marketing

Do you know the number of advertisements a person is exposed to while browsing the internet daily? With so many brands (for all products and services) competing for their audience’s attention and promoting their latest merchandise, marketers now need to be more strategic. It will require more than merely displaying their product or service to a vast audience. Instead, it has become necessary to understand customers’ issues and provide them with the appropriate solution.

That is why many digital marketing companies in Canada have started to opt for the new trend of personalized marketing. Such a marketing strategy involves providing customers with exactly what they want. Personalized digital marketing involves researching and contemplating the client’s issues and offering solutions rather than simply promoting the product.

5. Developments in SEO

The recent Google updates indicate that keyword-stuffing SEO is on its way out. The AI algorithm in search engines has advanced and can now distinguish between genuine and old-fashioned SEO content. Although keywords remain vital and SEO is a significant factor, there are better options than rephrasing existing content and adding keywords. Search engines (like Google) highlight websites that respond aptly to users rather than those with numerous backlinks and keywords.

If you are still utilizing spammy links, keyword stuffing, or other black-hat SEO techniques, it is advisable to discontinue them in 2023. Zero-click searches are also becoming increasingly relevant in SEO for digital marketing.


Other than these five, there are so many different trends in digital marketing in 2023. You may have encountered many of them already, but there is still much to explore. Since it is a continually evolving sector, new trends will emerge from time to time. Understanding all the current trends will help you stand out from your competitors.

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