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Whether you are looking for a new look, or want to adopt a new hairstyle, a simple cut, or a fantastic blowout, you just want to look perfect among others. There is only one place where you can get all your desired looks and that is “SALON”. You can change your looks, appearance, dress, and any sort of thing related to your personality. Salons are of different types such as hair salons, beauty salons, etc. Hair salons cater to all types of treatment related to hair whereas beauty salons treat only skin care-related obligations.

People travel among different countries and they want to look adorable in different outfits, however, they check different salons for their outlook. We have crafted a list of top hair salons in Dubai. If you are visiting Dubai in the near future, these are the best salon in Dubai to visit and they will definitely work out for you. Make sure to give a full read to this article and share it in your community if you liked it.

List of Top Hair Salons In Dubai


Starting with the first hair salon that is Collective, located in Al Qouz. Collective is known as a hair health clinic because of its intense environment towards hair health, they mainly work on hair treatment which includes hair extensions, hair damage, hair transplantation, and much more. This hair salon is founded by a top hairstylist Deena Alward and the sole purpose is to build a capacity where like-minded, hard-working, career-oriented, and motivated creators could come together and share their passion and word toward the salon industry. This salon is one of the top-rated hair salons this year and promises to be like that in the future.

Willow Lane

This newly opened hair salon has embarked on an amazing journey during COVID-19 and shows so much popularity among the paparazzi in a few years. British-owned salon William Lane has already built an impressive reputation among clients. This Salon is located in JLT Cluster C and provides an array of services including hair waxing, hair coloring, nails, lashes, brows and detox treatments, etc. One of the best things about William Lane salon is the “ Work From Home” room where individuals can work along with their laptops and the rest assured by the salon. All of the work can be done very quietly and nicely during working hours of the office without the hustle and bustle of the salon.

Pastels Salon

With state-of-the-art styling areas and treatment rooms for some of the most covetable looks each season, this salon offers complete work with a friendly yet professional atmosphere that will make you feel confident enough to leave the salon with stunning show-stopping hair.

Hush Salon

With everything from nail and body care to luxe hair services, this one-stop destination caters to all your beauty needs. Featuring the utmost professionalism and state-of-the-art equipment throughout the salon, women can feel empowered after every visit. There are three premium salons in Dubai, located at The Address Dubai Mall Hotel, Sofitel Hotel in JBR and Wafi Mall. 

Sisters Beauty Lounge

With most branches in gulf countries, sisters beauty lounge is on the top of the list for providing a variety of hair treatments and remaining the user’s choice for years. They provide world-class treatments including haircuts, spas, manicures, pedicures, and much more in the beauty range. Sisters beauty lounge is located in seven different locations around Abu Dhabi and Dubai. You can book your own appointment according to your convenience by calling customer service and reserving a seat.

Rami Jabali Hair Salon

Located in W Hotel , Palm Jumeirah. Rami Jabali offers a variety of affordable and professional services to modern women, with a series of hair stylists Rami provides intensive care to your hair. Salon provides tailor-made packages to meet your personal and individual needs. With a team of professionals, rami is considered an icon of the coloring industry. Rami Jabali is the perfect place for all your personal needs.

NStyle Beauty Salon

Every woman who wants to be treated in the best style will be pleased with this ultimate beauty salon, which offers a luxurious environment while adhering to all hygiene standards. This salon is situated in the middle of the city which means you can reach them from any direction of the city and moreover their timings are also flexible so you can easily manage your work and personal hygiene side by side.

Laloge Beauty Salon

With a wide range of services, Laloge beauty salon is the top-rated salon in Dubai, Laloge delivers services according to each client’s desires to allow their distinctive features to shine. From professionally delivered services to a comfortable experience, each client comes back for more services whether it is nail spa, waxing or something else.

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