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Spain is one of those countries which have the most vibrant of cultures in the world. The Spanish people are famous for their “Mi Casa Es Su Casa” attitude towards life. The quote translates into my house is your house which shows the inclusivity and hospitality in the culture of Spain. Spain is a country that sees every festival as a part of life, be it the big or the small moments. The Spanish festivals that happen every year is your answer to wanting to experience this culture for yourself. The Spanish festivals should be added to your bucket list of experiences to have in life. Read further to learn more about the Spanish festivals that put the Spanish community and culture on the world map.

Spanish festivals happen throughout the year except for a couple of months of winter every year. Among all Spanish festivals, Tomatina is the most famous festival, especially with foreign visitors. The festival was also made famous for being featured in the hit Indian movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. Read further to know more about some of Spain’s favourite festivals that you can also experience.

  1. La Tamborrada (Drum Festival)

The calendar year in Spain starts in winter and also starts the festival season in the country. La Tamborrada is also known as Drum Festival and is one of the noisiest festivals which some might even find weird. If you have always been fascinated by drums and have always wanted to try them out this is your place to head to. One side of the festival has organized processions where men, woman and children of all ages play the drums for 24 hours. On the other hand, there are also free processions where you can try your hand at bashing drums too. This is one of the most fun festivals to attend especially with kids. It happens in the city of San Sebastian every year on January 20th.

La Tamborrada Drum Festival

Photo by Karl Bewick on Unsplash

2.  La Tomatina (Tomato Fight Festival)

To condense the entire festival in one line, it is similar to the Indian festival of Holi, just that the colours are replaced with the red of Tomatoes. Thanks to the hit Indian film Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, the festival was discovered by millions of people all over the world and has since then become a rage. During this Tomato festival, everyone who participates throws tomatoes aimed at each other. The festival happens in the city of Bunol in Spain and heartily welcomes all tourists and locals alike. The La Tomatina festival was started 70 years ago. It has gained so much in popularity off late that the 20,000 tickets get sold out in a matter of minutes. The festival takes place during August every year. You have to go red or go home, there are no two ways about it.

La Tomatina -Tomato Fight Festival

Credits: Wikimedia Commons


3. Festa Major De Gracia

Barcelona is one of the prettiest cities in the world which is visited by millions of people every year. Barcelona is also the home to a host of different festivals that happen throughout the year. One of the most famous ones of those festivals is Festa Major De Gracia. The Festa Major De Gracia is one of the most popular summer festivals in Spain which is filled with acrobats, fireworks and a lot more. The entire neighbourhood of Gracia come together out on the streets to celebrate this festival. It is filled with artsy colours and extravagant decorations. The level of creativity that is present during these times is sure to transport you to a parallel world. If you are in Barcelona in August, you should not miss out on this festival.

Festa Major De Gracia

Credits: Wikimedia Commons


4. San Fermin (Pamplona Bull Run)

The San Fermin Spanish festival or the Pamplona bull run as it is famously called happens during the start of July every year. The Pamplona bull festival is amongst the best of Spanish festivals that visitors can attend. This is a popular bullfighting festival in Spain where the running of the bulls starts at 8 in the morning. The bravest of men start running before these angry bulls and how they save themselves from them is what the festival is about. Even if you are not interested in participating, you must check out the festival as a spectator. The festival is mind-boggling and manages to amaze the people every year with its adventurous nature. Incidentally, this festival was also featured in the hit Indian movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and also happened to be the backdrop of their climax sequences with the film ending with the visuals of the actors running away from the bulls.

San Fermin Pamplona Bull Run Festival

Credits: Wikimedia Commons

These are some of the select few best Spanish festivals that happen all year round. If you want to visit one of these, reach out to the destination experts at to customize your Spain holiday package.


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