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Want to surprise your partner on your honeymoon, then the Maldives is the place. The Maldives is one of the dream destinations for honeymooners. Here you will find 26 oval-shaped atolls and over thousand coral islands. Due to this reason, it is popular as an exotic honeymoon destination. Here are some of the best Maldives Islands where you can enjoy a romantic holiday.

Experience luxury at the Male Island:

Male is considered one of the best islands meant for honeymooners. What makes it different is the unmatched premium luxury that you will get here. Male Island features the biggest international airport in the Maldives. Being a significant part of the Maldives tour, make sure to visit Male Islands at the beginning or end of your trip. Besides, here you can experience the true essence of Maldivian culture.

Also, it is one of the perfect islands to enjoy a luxurious honeymoon with your partner. Some of the worth exploring activities here are snorkeling and underwater scooter riding, Tsunami Monument, the Grand Friday Mosque, etc.

Enjoy serenity at Biyadhoo Island:

If enjoying a serene honeymoon away from the crowd is your priority, then Biyadhoo Island is undoubtedly the best choice. Located in the South Mal-Atoll, it is a renowned island for couples. With the greenery and the peaceful surroundings and abundance of vegetation like coconuts, mangoes, bananas, and others, Biyadhoo makes a perfect part of the Maldives tour. Besides, the sparkling water here features some exciting watersports, which makes the island supremely popular. If you and your partner love adventure and water activities, then you can go scuba diving, canoe paddling, or snorkeling. Since it is a serene location, you will also get an opportunity to spend some romantic time with your partner amidst nature.

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Experience beauty and romance at Fihalhohi Island:

Located in the Kaafu Atoll of South Mal, Fihalhohi Island is for sure one of the worth visiting islands for your honeymoon. The reason behind this is, here you will get some breathtaking honeymoon resorts overseeing the clear blue water. Apart from that, the romantic surroundings of Fihalhohi will make you fall in love with the place for sure. Moreover, you will also get few overwater bungalows that make the island an important part of the Maldives tour. Pristine beaches overshadowed by coconut palm trees make it a truly romantic place. If you want, you can surprise your partner in one of the overwater bungalows.

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Dive in the shimmering waters of Veligandu Island:

Another name that comes under the list of honeymoon islands of Maldives tour is the Veligandu Island. It is situated in the North Ari Atoll. The surrounding of the island, shimmering water, and the greenery are something that attracts thousands of honeymooners. Moreover, the aura of the island is something that makes it a perfect holiday destination for couples. As a part of the Maldives tour, you can indulge in interesting activities. For example, scuba diving and snorkeling are some of the worth-trying ones. The marvelous lagoons that you will find here will definitely rejuvenate your mind. Apart from that, you can savor delish seafood dishes.

Witness the natural beauty of Nalaguraidhoo Island:

Considered the prime attraction of South Ari Atoll, Nalaguraidhoo Island is indeed a worth visiting island for a honeymoon. The picturesque beauty and the natural setting of the island make it a worth visiting place of the Maldives tour. Apart from that, you will also get stunning beaches and the charming blue waters make Nalaguraidhoo Island famous amongst couples. It is undoubtedly one of the best romantic getaway attractions. Hence, these are some of the most popular Maldives Islands that you can choose for a romantic getaway.

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