WeMatcher, an innovative and unique dating social network, is a social platform for adults having a particular interest in meeting like-minded people in an online setup. The main advantage of this latest technology is that it can be accessed from any device without actually putting the user’s real identity in jeopardy. It is offering two separate features, viz. Random Chat & Dating, WeMatcher is the future in social media.  

About WeMatchers:
Classical sociologists have defined three types of people in a relationship, viz, the takers, the givers, and the matchers. The takers base their relationship on taking whatever they can from their partners. On the other hand, the givers are opposite as they focus on giving whatever they can to their partners. But, the matchers, represented at WeMatcher, base their relationship by striking a standard balance between giving and taking, i.e., respecting each other’s needs and desires. WeMatcher, thus, genuinely fit in the category of matchers, thereby making it the future of dating social networks. 


WeMatcher users are guided by creating a dating social network. It has developed a system that guarantees an entirely anonymous profile protecting everyone’s privacy and an all-inclusive gender filter catering to everyone’s sexual orientation. All this is done to enable every user to be safe and completely free in this virtual world by making new friends and finding charming partners at the click of a button.  

Free to use:

The Random Chat feature is free because it believes in absolute freedom and respect. It is a platform where matchers are people in harmony with each other, give proper care to each other, and are willing to exchange mutual benefits. With over 50,00,000 monthly connections and 2,00,000 weekly gifts sent, the Random Chat features complete anonymity, gender selection, free HD video chat, auto-translation of text chat, and sending/receiving gifts.  

No registration required:

Compared to other chat options on similar social platforms, the most distinguishing feature of this option is that registration is not needed at all. Based on the user’s preferred selected genders, he/she will be connected to a total stranger via video chat, once the user accepts the ‘start searching’ option for a free chat random partner. However, it is recommended by the makers of WeMatcher that the users should register themselves and create a completely anonymous profile, by choosing the avatar, photo, nickname, and personal preferences of their own accord. Registration is suggested because only registered users can access all the platform features like adding friends, sending and receiving gifts, and making direct video calls. It also provides access to personal WM points. 

Earning Money:

If individuals’ efforts are smartly invested, they can quickly make money without having to do any actual hard work. At the time when one-fifth of the 21st-century witnessed people getting bonded to their smartphones, the leisure time of individuals cannot be spent in any way other than using the smartphones. Thus, if you have a smartphone and some free time, you can generate revenues by getting to know someone online and befriending them virtually. For a smooth talker, chatting with random people and browsing WeMatcher is not a herculean task. 

All gifts exchanged between the users, which is the result of fun virtual time shared, are automatically converted into WM points in real-time. The valuation given to every 1000WM points is 2 Euro. Due to the customizable withdrawal option, the users can easily convert the WM points into money. When the minimum requested limit of WM points is reached, it can be exchanged with corresponding money value in terms of Euro, which is credited in the user’s virtual account or bank card.   

Open To Everyone:

If you are 18 years of age or more, if you are respectful of others and well mannered, if you are a nice person, and if you like participating in various social networking activities, WeMatcher is meant for you. The platform allows you to choose your age range and the age range of partners you want to meet by keeping your real age private. The network lets you decide who you want to meet by giving you a wide array of gender categories to choose from, such as males, females, couples or groups, and trans. No discrimination is there based on your sexual orientation.    

Dating Option:

The dating option allows users to find charming partners at just a simple click of a button. It will enable users to choose unique Avatars, uploading their photos, direct video calling, sending and receiving messages, and adding friends to be social. 

“During the pandemic, my job wasn’t working, so I couldn’t work and make any income. Therefore, I needed something to work online, and from home so everyone will be safe. So I looked at many servers and many opportunities, and the best one that I found and stick to was WeMatcher. Their service is honestly amazing. It is a sort of network where you can connect and make new friends and make money. It is a streaming opportunity. You can be streaming, making new friends, and making money. I have gained a lot of friends, and daily I make about 50 Euros, and it is about 1500 Euros per month only with streaming for few hours a day, and it is honestly just great how my life changed because of that. It is 100% anonymous and safe to use. Nobody gets like your information or anything. It is also completely free to use, so you don’t get charged an enormous amount of money, and you don’t get tricked for using it. It has private video calls, and it has everything you can ever imagine, and it is honestly a great way to make a lot of money on webcam. The only thing you need is a camera and yourself. I received many prizes and a lot of rewards and WM points that can be converted into Euros. So I am grateful that it changed my life in such a great way.” – Alex 

In a nutshell, it can be concluded that WeMatcher.com may be the future in social networks, based on the fact that it is safe and free to use, and with it, everyone can earn money while chatting, broadcasting, and making new virtual friends.­

By Mayank

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