Rakshabandhan is a famous festival of brother and sister raksha means security and bandhan means boundation , on the day of rakshabandhan sisters pray to god for her brother’s success, there is a story behind rakshabandhan first of all Sachi wife of god Indradev tied rakhi to her husband to escape from vratasur in a war between indradev and vratasur this thread sachi prepared through her tenacity and tied on the wrist of indradev on shravan Purnima it helped indradev and he won the war.

This happed in satyug from that day its in tradition if someone tied rakhi (thread) to brother or someone else with reverence it works .

Rakshabandhan festival is known specially for brother and sister’s unique love which promise to protect and pray to god for each other’s safety as sister bind thread on brother’s wrist and make red mark on forehead and feed sweets then brother promise to sister for her protection forever and give gift for her choice or any special surprise gift many brother and sister live away from each other they celebrate festival by using online service sister sends Rakhi and sweets  and brother sends gift for sister .this festival is celebrated in india in the Month of August .

Festival Activities :- people make different different activities on this festival like touching feet of elders and take blessings. sweets sharing acitvities , dancing activities , singing activities , visiting nearby tourist place , due to rainy season people injoy in rain  etc .

Rakshabandhan significance :- Festival of rakshabandhan is celebrated on purnima of shravan month . this festival is a simble of unbreakable chain of brothers and sisters this is only festival of indian tradition which not only covers brothers and sister also covers social relation in the society so that this festival contains social and cultural importance also . to understand importance  of rakshabandhan first we need to understand the meaning of it’s sense . “Rakshabandhan” ( Raksha+Bandhan) it is combination of two words which teaches brothers to take Liability of sister’s protection and her happy life . Rakshabandhan festival specially festival of feelings and sentiments , such a festival boundation which ties of two persons it could be mother and son / daughter , son / daughter and father , teacher and student , husband and wife , one friend to another friend it should not be limit to only brother and sisters .


Rakshabandhan in Todays time :- Now a days  we are facing untraditionalities rakshan bandhan can be helpful to keep it away . Today’s time many old parants are wondering in search of shelter to servive their ending life it is really a question mark on youth’s developement and progress so fight with this problem and making a promise to parents binding rakhi and take responsibility forever for there happy life and feel  proud on rakshabandhan with blessings .

One thread for protection of trees :- we talk about to celecbrates the festival in different different new ways but we are forgetting one thing which needs our attraction more keep alive ” our earth ” so we should be take step towards our greenery and make promise tieing thread in a tree and support till the greenery all around so that we can take healthy breath and stay safe and healthy .

What gift brother should give to his sister :-

  • Jewellery Boxes & Organizers.
  • Greeting Cards
  • Keyrings & Keychains.
  • Photo Frames.
  • Sweets
  • Wrist watch
  • Clothes

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What gift sister should give to her brother :-

  • Coffe maker
  • Wrist watch
  • Braslet
  • Mobilephone
  • Earburst
  • Mobile Bluetooth
  • Sweets


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