RT- PCR Test

The COVID-19 RT-PCR (Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction) test is a real time diagnostic tool that tests for the presence of the novel coronavirus. RT-PCR is known for its high levels of accuracy and precision in detecting the presence of the COVID-19 strain. It is highly recommended by healthcare professionals worldwide and has become the gold standard of all COVID diagnostic tests today. During the procedure, a swab sample is removed from your mouth and throat which is then taken to a diagnostic laboratory, where the RT-PCR test is performed.

Here’s more about the RT PCR test:

How does the RT-PCR test work?

The RT-PCR test involves extracting the RNA, which forms the genetic composition of the virus, and testing for the presence of this RNA in the swab sample of the individual.

How accurate is the RT-PCR test?

According to medical experts, the RT-PCR test is the most accurate COVID-19 test available today. It is more accurate compared to other antigen and antibody tests. However, note that RT-PCR cannot be used to detect past infections and can only detect an ongoing one.

When should you get an RT-PCR test?

If you are experiencing typical COVID-19 symptoms such as dry cough, fever, loss of taste, fatigue etc, you should definitely get an RT-PCR test done. Since the results of the test also arrive quickly, it’s ideal to get tested before traveling or attending an important event.

Here are other instances when you should get an RT PCR test done:

  • You have arrived from a different country
  • You attended a crowded event
  • You came in close contact with a COVID positive person
  • One of your family members is diagnosed with the virus
  • You want to re-check for the presence of the virus after your quarantine ends

Is the RT-PCR test safe?

You can be rest assured that the RT PCR test is absolutely safe and anyone can undergo this test without any worries. You will not experience any side effects. Elderly people, pregnant women and even people with conditions such as asthma, piles or allergies  too can comfortably opt for an RT PCR test.

How can you get an RT-PCR test done?

To get tested, you can visit any diagnostic laboratory in your city and submit your swab samples. However, leaving your house when you exhibit COVID symptoms is not a good idea. Instead you can get your samples collected from the comfort of your home, without compromising on the safety of those around you. MFine is one such leading online healthcare provider that allows you to book a COVID test at home and delivers your results within 24 hours. Your samples are tested in trusted partner laboratories following which you can discuss the results with well known general physicians around you, on the MFine app itself.

The RT-PCR test is highly recommended to test for COVID-19 and is now all the more feasible through apps such as MFine that allow you to get tested hassle-free!

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