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Is your running nose becoming a barrier in your winter fun? If yes, do not worry. As in this article, you will know about the common winter problems that everyone faces and the precautions and cures that you should keep in mind during winters. This winter, spend your valuable time with family and friends instead of taking your hanky out and blowing your nose.

List Of 7 Typical Winter Born Diseases

Common cold

It is the most common winter problem that almost everyone faces once or more. The common cold is a contagious disease. It is mostly contracted by coming into contact with an infected person.


Firstly, you have to know what different things happen in winters that can make you sick. During winters, the climate becomes dry. Temperature becomes cold, which is very well known to all. This dry and cold weather increases the spread of influenza and the virus. A study has shown that with the change in temperature, the essential part of DNA, i.e., genes, somewhat changes. So, hygiene also plays a significant role in keeping winter illness away.


Most winter born diseases show similar symptoms like Runny nose, sore or irritated throat, Cough, Low-grade fever, Dry cough, Headache, Extreme tiredness, Runny or blocked nose.


As you are well aware that prevention is better than cure. So, precautions must be taken to avoid severe conditions, as the common cold is a contagious disease, spreading from one person to another. So, it would help if you took care of maintaining proper hygiene and sanitization in your surroundings. It would help if you also preserved social distancing. Again, Wash your hands frequently and properly to avoid object to hand germ transfer.

Dry and Cracking Skin

Dry skin is a prevalent skin disease in the winter season. Due to dry weather, your skin gets highly dry and even cracks. Moreover, in severe conditions, skin cracks start to bleed. It can be excruciating and may even lead to infection.


To prevent dry and cracking skin, keep it moisturized. You can moisturize your skin with cold cream or petroleum jelly. Moreover, it would help if you avoided scalding showers or exposure to hot water. You should cover your skin as much as possible in the cold weather. You can also apply healing creams. Also, you should consult a doctor if the condition worsens.


Norovirus is one of the most contagious food-borne diseases. It usually spreads through contaminated food and surfaces. It causes cough, low-grade fever, and makes you feel sick.


Just like other contagious diseases, you should take care of proper hygiene. Try to eat more home-made food as we prepare home-made food with adequate hygiene. Clean and disinfect surfaces in your home. Sanitize your home. Avoid going to crowded places to avoid spread.

Ache in Joints

Joints form the connections between bones. They provide support and help you move. But during winters sometimes stop you from driving. It is now a widespread winter problem. Mainly older adults suffer from joint pain and stiffened muscles.


Exercise daily is the best precaution you can take. Exercise produces heat in your body. This heat relaxes the stiffened muscles. But, older adults cannot do intense workout or exercise. So, they should keep moving if they suffer from joint pain. Proper diet also plays a significant role in relieving joint pain. Make sure your diet must contain vitamin B12, vitamin D, and vitamin C.

Raynaud’s Disease

It is a rare disease that causes your fingers and toes to change colors, look wrinkled, and lose feeling when exposed to cold air. It makes you uncomfortable. Though not much talked about, it is inevitable to take into consideration.


Try to keep your feet and hands warm. You should also wear gloves that are thick and don’t allow air transfer. Again, you should wear proper socks and shoes. Make your hands and feet comfortable. Use cold creams on fingers and toes. This keeps them moisturized.

Cold sore

A cold sore is also a common winter problem. It is a blister or group of blisters which develops on the lips or around the mouth. The cold sore can be severe and cause pain and discomfort. Stress, hormonal changes, prolonged exposure to sunlight, and sleep deprivation are its leading causes.


First, drink a lot of water. Usually, in winters, we don’t drink much water. This leads to many problems. Drinking water keeps you hydrated. Second, take rest and eliminate stress. Keep your lips moisturized. So, do not forget to apply moisturizers to your lips.


Flu is a respiratory disease and contagious. Most people confuse it with the common cold. In this disease, you suffer runny nose, sore throat, and sinus pressure. Fever, nausea, vomiting, exhaustion, headache, or cold sweats also accompanies it.


Being a very contagious disease, you should maintain proper hygiene. Stay away from the infected person. If you do catch the flu, stay away from others to avoid its spread.

Winter Disease Prevention That Every Individual Must Take

This is the list of some common precautions to fight against winter diseases. Specific steps can protect you from common winter problems to a large extent.

  • Try to wear an extra layer of clothes to keep your body warm. A warm body is the best assistant to winter illness.
  • Clean your surroundings as much as you can. A high level of hygiene needs to be maintained to avoid winter born disease. Moreover, try to encourage the people around you to maintain hygiene to reduce the risk of catching any illness during winter.
  • During winters, the consumption of cold water is hazardous. Therefore an individual needs to consume normal or warm water to get rid of common mental problems.
  • Although it might sound strange, avoid a hot water bath and prefer to have a bath with normal water.
  • If you face many skin diseases in winter, in that case, most arising frequently will prove to be an effective practice.
  • Lastly, the most effortless winter disease prevention is to have a healthy diet. A diet full of nutrients, vitamins, and proteins will help you keep your body safe from diseases. Moreover, a healthy diet will also help you to increase your immunity.


It is impossible to restrict common winter problems completely, but if you take appropriate winter disease prevention, you can reduce the risk manifolds. However, do not forget that the precaution for a particular disease always varies, so act accordingly.

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