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A gemstone is mineral as well as organic material with some cuts and is used to polish to develop luster embedded in jewelry for ornamentation. These stones also have aesthetic and artistic assessment. In market these stones are also known with other name like gems and jewels. The basic classification of these stone is on cost that is expensive and semi expensive. Hard gems are also in the list that has dual functions that are adornment and commercial. For adornment, these are embedded in jewelry and for commercial; they are used in mirror cutters.

Discovery of these ornamental entities is from thedeep earth rocks named as minerals and naturally existing stones are organic gemstone. Mineral gems have names lapis, lazuli and opal whereas organics jewels are amber, jet and pearl.These all are the weakness of women of every culture and society, and add value to the jewelry. Aries birthstone that is diamond is added in engagement as well as in wedding jewelry.

Classification and Traits of Gemstones

To develop organization of gems,ancients Greeks were the first who did difference in the jewels on the basis of price that is expensive and non-expensive stones. This price based theory was also applied in the West.With the passage of time other cultures of the world also affiliated them with this theory.This theory separates them in expensive and non-expensive gems. This distinction gives us idea that these stones were rare and had high value in ancient times.

The whole family of gemstones is luminous in original structure excluding diamond, a whitegemstone with additional trait of stiffness at grade 8 to 10 on Mohs scale. Rests are set in an array with their color and hardness features. You will see lack of modern values in traditional distinction.

Gemologists have done a lot of hard work for classification of gemstones. These specialists relate the gems with features with technical terms of gemology. Gemologists made the identification of gemstones easier on the basis of chemical structure.

With time various factors were counted for classification of gems like to organize them considering their characteristics for example birthstone that have same colors are arranged in groups but their origin and zodiac placement is different, this happens in case of ruby that is red species and sapphire is arranged in varieties as it also exists in red along with other colors.

The classical organization of the birthstones referred us to other terms that are related to the impurities that exit in them are inclusions and blemishes. These impurities become their part at the time of natural formation. Some impurities make their place inside the gemstones are known inclusion and others that live on the surface are called blemishes. These impurities are also known as birthmarks.

Value of Gemstones

All gems’ identification is done with naked eyes except diamond for GIA has introduced grading criterion in 1950’s. GIA also stepped forward to grade the clarity of stone with introduction of 10X system.

A mnemonic device that comprises on four C’s was launched for assistance of consumers for grading of diamond. These factors of grading are very essential to determine the estimated price of a diamond. The factors are only dedicated to the diamond that are

  1. CARAT for Diamond

All physical quantities have weight and same is with diamond. Its weight is measured in basic unit known as CARAT that is equal to 20mg.This factor determines the cost of the Aries birthstone. Keep separate size and weight of diamond as these are two different quality measurement units.If you are interested in ideal gemstone select that one has one CARAT weight and 0.625 sizes.

  1. Color of Diamond

The majority of the people show their interest in purchasing the colorless diamond that is in the grade D to F having high price. A diamond that exists below the grade F has sparkling and shining characteristic.

  1. Clarity of Diamond

At the time of natural process of formation of birthstones,chemical changes happen that cause the increase and decrease of temperature and pressure. Because this natural chemical processheat and temperature develops some type of birth marks in the stones that are referred as inclusions or blemishes. Some of these impurities reside in the inner surface of a diamond known as inclusion but others appear on the surface are known as blemishes. GIA has announced 11 point Aries Birthstone clarity scale. This scale starts with a point that has no flaw and ends at the point where it is named as prominent inclusion.The diamond free from any type of impurity is flawless and exists very less amount in the market with more demand of the consumers.

  1. CUT of Diamond

For shine of a gemstone CUT is the basic factor that explains the way of the entrance of the light from the upper surface of the diamondand its return to the eye. A prefect CUT bounces back light to the maximum but a deep CUT does not deliver extreme brightness as some portion of light leaks. On the other hand shallow CUT also loses some portion of light and its sparkling capacity is not as an ideal CUT has.

Colors of Gemstones

It is known to us with experience and scientific observation, when light touches any material body, its colors is because of its properties. When light hit any material body, maximum part of the light become part of the material and very small portion of the light is returned. The light that finally reach the identify the color. For instance, ruby is of red color, it means it absorb all other colors of light and only bounce back the red potion of light. Because of this experimental reality ruby looks in red color.

The variation in colors of gemstones is because of factor of impure substances mixed in the material. Some gemstones with different names are found from the same rocks at different portions but possess different colors because of the amount of impurities found in them, the best example are ruby and sapphire. It is also seen in the gemstone with same name are found in multicolor.

List of Rashi-Ratna (Zodiac Gemstones), Oopratna For different Zodiac Signs

Know the lucky birthstones for zodiac signs like scorpio birthstone, pisces birthstone, aquarius birthstone, sagittarius birthstone, capricorn birthstone, taurus birthstone, aries birthstones, gemini’s birthstone and choose as per your sunshine.

Rashi Rashi-Ratna Rashi-Oop-Ratna
Aries(Mesha) Coral (मूंगा) H.Garnet (गोमेद), Red Onyx (लाल ओनिक्स)
Taurus(Vrishabha) Diamond (हीरा) Opal (ओपल), Crystal (स्फटिक)
Gemini(Mithun) Emerald (पाँचू – पन्ना ) Green Tourmaline (हरा तुर्मलिन), Onyx (हरा ओनिक्स)
Cancer (Kirk) Pearl (मोती) Moonstone (मूनस्टोन  कैट्स आइ), White Coral (सफेद मूंगा)
Leo (Simha) Manik (माणिक) Red Tourmaline (रेड तुर्मलिन), Garnet (गार्नेट)
Virgo (Kanya) Emerald (पाँचू – पन्ना Green Tourmaline (हरा तुर्मलिन), Onyx (हरा ओनिक्स)
Libra (Tula) Diamond (हीरा) Opal (ओपल), Crystal (स्फटिक)
Scorpio (Vrischik) Coral (मूंगा) H.Garnet (गोमेद), Red Onyx (लाल ओनिक्स)
Sagittarius(Dhanu) Y.Saphire (पुष्कराज) Golden Citrine (सुनहला), Tiger-eye (टायगर कैट्स आइ)
Capricorn (Makar) B.Saphire (नीलम) Amethyst (कटहला), Lapis Lazuly (लाजव्रत)
Aquarius(Kumbha) B.Saphire (नीलम) Golden Citrine (सुनहला), Tiger-eye (टायगर कैट्स आइ)
Pisces(Meen) Y.Saphire (पुष्कराज) Golden Citrine (सुनहला), Tiger-eye (टायगर कैट्स आइ)


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