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Rise and shine beautiful girls and handsome boys. As you’re reading this, quickly grab a water bottle and hydrate yourself. A gentle reminder!!

This quarantine not only made us fat but also made our dull skin. Yeah, if you’re looking for the appeal procedure, then you’re on the right website. Well, have you ever wondered “how could Koreans, Asians, or our actresses do have flawless skin even without makeup?” Basically, it is about skincare to attain sparkling skin.

Scroll through to know, guys. 

Korean face masks have ruled the glamour business for the past few years. At the same time, they are way too expensive to pay for. Huh, in that case, we got our own weapon homemade face masks”.

  1. Tomato-Cucumber face mask

Tomatoes are fully compressed with vitamin C, a raw skin brightening agent. Tomatoes have the potential to lessen open pores and blackheads. While cucumbers, natural skin nourishment vegetables, have the tendency to reduce swelling and puffiness by empowering a base for hydration.

All you gotta do is squeeze the fluid out of one tomato to a two tbsp of cucumber paste along with a tbs of honey.

Apply this delightful face pack to settle for 15-20 mins and use lukewarm to wash it. Apply this face pack twice in a week to glow like a star. 

  1. Coffee-turmeric face pack

Coffee is an excellent exfoliator and has the ability to heighten blood circulation, lower acne marks. It has plentiful antioxidant properties that will kill dead cells and eliminate impurities by making skin soft as well as glowingly. Turmeric has the power to lighten your skin and acne spots, a good hair-removal ingredient. Instead of coffee, you can likewise use besan.

Mix two tbsp of yogurt(curd) and coffee powder/ besan, and half tsp of turmeric in it. Apply on your skin and take off after 10 mins with lukewarm water. 

  1. Honey-lemon juice face mask

Honey has proficiency in preventing acne, burns, skin ulcers, inflammation. It is packed with antibacterial, antiseptic, and antioxidant properties which will automatically boost glows to your skin.

Follow the procedure to get your skin like Kareena Kapoor or Kylie  Jenner soon. Lol!! But yes, to be honest, you can, if you utilize these masks.

Mix one tbsp of honey and one tsp of lemon juice. Now apply this mixture to your face for about 20 mins.

  1. Banana face pack

Bananas are filled with potassium, which hydrates your skin. It is a natural exfoliator and stores vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, and vitamin E too. OMG so many benefits in one thing!!!

Mash half a ripe banana and add one tbsp of honey to this smoothie. Apply this paste on your skin for 15 mins and rinse off.

Tada look at your skin, twinkling like a star already!

Click on the link to purchase your ideal face packs as soon as possible. Hurray, it’s time for the glow up.

  1. Foods to have to get glowing skin

Well, foods in the sense I’m talking about vegetables and fruits, not french fries or biriyani.

Fruits and veggies that really glow your skin like anything:

  1. Papaya
  2. Sweet potatoes
  3. Watermelon
  4. Carrots
  5. Avocados
  6. Spinach
  7. Tomatoes and always try to have water content fruits and vegetables primarily for instantly glowing skin.

Well guys, start planning your diet accordingly to these aspects. You can also have them as a beverage. All you need to do is eat as much as fruits and vegetables possible to have radiant and gleaming skin.

  1. Use of mint leaves on face:

Well, my grandma has inherited this idea of mint leaves to illuminate your complexion. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it benefits you to lighten the acne spots, clears up the pores.

Blend a few leaves of pudina with a little bit of water. leave this paste on your face for nearly 15 minutes, before wiping it with lukewarm water.

  1. Regular use of glycolic acid toners

Using best Glycolic acid toners are beneficial as they are known for the exfoliating effects on the skin. They are extraordinary at nurturing the regeneration of fresh, healthy, skin cells. When these are used as toners, it empties the dead skin cells, helping to free the clogged pores which eventually leads to flawless skin.

And the best part, it is favorable to all skin types.

Few small tips and tricks for flawless skin

  • Always target the affected regions mostly:
  1. DARK CIRCLES: The usage of ice cubes can decrease the puffiness as well as the darkness.
  2. ACNE: Well, I encounter Tea tree oil is certainly more active than any other oil.
  3. IRRITATION: Use aloe vera to reduce the damage.
  4. EXCESS OF HAIR, huh?: Use turmeric on that spot.
  • Hydrate yourself:

According to the NATIONAL ACADEMIES OF SCIENCE, ENGINEER, and MEDICINE, it is determined that a typical man has to drink about 3.7 liters and 2.7 liters for women in a day. No matter what but it is very much vital to drink too much water a day.

  • Moisturize your skin every day using suitable creams for your skin.
  • Exfoliate your skin.
  1. For instance, you can use sugar or salt as an exfoliator.
  • Always recollect washing and tidying up your face after the makeup removal.
  • And most grandly get enough nap. I believe this quarantine is the perfect time for you to take maintenance of your skin as well as your health. Eight hours is the optimum point for adequate sleep.
  • Sustain good surroundings in order to prevent any other infection or health issue.
  • Work out exercises to stay fit and prosperous, especially yoga.
  • Bathe with two tbsp of besan, half tbsp of turmeric powder, and one tbsp of milk cream (malai) once in a week for an instant result.

Yay !! I can’t wait to see your glow up!!  Yay!!

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  1. You will need to be careful about choosing a skin lightening cream, because some companies use chemical agents in their products that can be harmful to your health. They might also use harmful ingredients. Make sure that you read the ingredients on the label before purchasing the product.

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