Crunchiest Tandoori Chicken Salad at Home

We all think salads are the most boring and have no flavors in them. So today, we will be sharing the healthiest and most delicious salad recipe, and it is the most delicious, healthiest, and crunchiest Tandoori Chicken Salad. We will add a little bit of flavour to your ordinary chicken salad and remodel it right into a bowl of delicious, proper Chicken Tandoori Salad. The best combination and burst of flavors of crisp greens and juicy, highly spiced chicken marinated and cooked in an array of spices, the recipe underneath is pretty smooth and easy to make. So read on to provide it with a try.

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We will provide you with the best recipe for finger-licking and wholesome Chicken Tandoori Salad at Home. We will make sure that you will love the salad and make your friends and family enjoy the delicious bowl of tandoori chicken salad. Read the article till the end. We will be sharing some amazing tips to cook the delicious chicken salad, and also, we will share its ingredients and the easiest recipe. You can make this recipe in an instant.

Ingredients to make tandoori chicken salad

Let’s get started with the ingredients of the wholesome recipe and delicious recipe of tandoori chicken salad. This recipe serves four people. You can adjust the quantity according to your members. The ingredients to make delicious tandoori chicken salad at home and these ingredients are the fresh and raw chicken breast fillets from 600 gms, ¼ cup tandoori masala, ⅓ cup hung curd, Oil as needed, Salt to taste.

Veggies for the salad are eight cups Lettuce chopped, ½ Cucumber sliced, ½ cup cashews roasted, ½ cup Red Onion thinly sliced, ¼ cup Coriander chopped and A Handful of Jalapenos sliced. For the salad dressing, we need ½ cup Greek Yoghurt, ¼ cup Mayonnaise, 5 tbsp Water, ¼ cup Mint finely chopped, 1 tbsp Jalapenos finely chopped, 2 tsp Lemon Juice, one garlic clove minced, and ¼ tsp Salt.

Recipe to cook tandoori chicken salad

  1. a) In a bowl, combine small pieces of chicken breast, tandoori masala, and curd. Coat the chicken well, and refrigerate for a minimum of up to four hours or a maximum of 1 day to marinate.
  1. b) Preheat the grill on medium-excessive warmth and prepare dinner for the chicken for approximately 8 mins on every side. Remove on a plate, allow the chicken portions to relax for a minimum of five minutes, and slice them into thick strips.
  1. c) In a blending bowl, whisk all of the dressing elements collectively and refrigerate till serving time. In a salad bowl, set up the lettuce leaves and pinnacle with tandoori chicken, Cucumber, onion, jalapenos, cashews, and coriander.
  1. d) Pour the dressing over the salad even while serving and deliver it a gentle toss. Serve right now in conjunction with salted potato wedges or chips.

Tips for cooking the perfect Tandoori Chicken Salad at home

Tip 1- If you don’t like your salad to be too highly spiced, deseed the jalapenos earlier than reducing them. You also can upload pitted Kalamata olives in preference to jalapenos.

Tip 2- What can I use to hold the spiciness of the salad without the use of jalapenos?

Skip the chopped jalapenos inside the dressing and use cayenne pepper, paprika, or black pepper instead.

Tip 3- Can I alternative cashews with different dry nuts?

Yes. You can almonds, pine nuts, or walnuts in preference to cashews or upload a mixture of all too.

Try this chicken salad recipe at home, make some exciting versions of the recipe, send us the pictures of your salad bowl, write comments in the comment section below, and keep shopping with and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to check our exciting offers. is the best online meat shop in India, and we serve you the best quality.

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