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‘Pest’, when one hears this term, what is the first word that will strike their mind? My bet is on words like, ‘creepy’, ‘dirty’, ‘disease’, ‘losses’; i.e. things that don’t give off a very pleasant vibe. Well, they won’t be wrong to be very honest. And what about someone who knows about the pest, someone like anyone who would have read the previous blogs? Here is a discussion about pest control in Kolkata necessity and pest control charges.

The first thing that their mind with put on the table for defining pest would be something like, ‘creatures that cause harm to us, crops or, live stocks’. And that wouldn’t be wrong, for the most widely used search engine also caters us with this definition when one searches for the word ‘pest’. The word ‘pest’ has widely been used as slang when one needs to degrade someone.

And that there exactly tell us how badly the pest has had an impact on humankind that they are being used as a method of comparison to cater to someone with hatred. When one talks about the pest, one might be unaware that the roots of the existence of pests’ are buried deep enough for one to find the traces of their evolution in the Jurassic era.

There are approximately 70,000 pest species and almost all can be harmful in one way or another, but one won’t find all of them nearby for, it are kind of impossible for all those 70,000 species to be found altogether in the same place. Speaking of which, the total number of species of pest found in India is 593353 which falls under 27 varied orders.

Pest Control cost


Yes, that’s a lot. And these various orders and species affect humans in various ways, and that can be dangerous to us, for these creatures known as ‘pests’, not only harm us by causing issues with our health, but also by doing us materialistic harms.

For example, diseases like dysentery, diarrhea etcetera have been recognized as epidemics in the past and have successfully taken a number of lives. Although the cures are available in the market now, if one suffers from health issues, even though they take the cure, their suffering cannot be taken away. And one shouldn’t suffer when there is a way to avoid it. And as for the materialistic things, when the pests like termites, rodents’ etcetera infest, they cause a noticeable amount of damage.

Termites tend to infest around dark places, preferably near wood furniture. And, once the termites infest, one should be able to find wood dust near infestation for, termites tend to eat up the wood furniture or surfaces. Other pests like ants, they might seem harmless to human, but they also cause us harm, which most of the times, one is not able to detect till the work is done.

This happens because ants make their way through the walls and travel through them. And, not to forget, that the sting of the fire ants can be lethal to humans depending on the reaction by the bodies of the victim. Amidst these, the infamous cockroaches reside holding their own place for the kind of tops the list of the well-known pests that cause us harm.

Food poisoning being the most common one that is a side effect of a cockroach infestation, there are more. Apart from these pests, the one that every potter head would agree with would be spiders. Just like every house wives don’t afraid of their husband but are scared of spiders, it is probable that he knew the effects that spiders can have on one’s skin. Pun was intended.

But, on a serious note, spiders can cause skin problems too. Apart from weaving webs all over the house, spiders are capable enough to cause skin problems to the people who come in contact with them. Well, there were some of the consequences one might face if they get a visit from the pests.

But, what if the pests visit a person with their friends and family, the essence of which is, what if a large number of pests infest a person’s house, the consequences should be vivid by now. So, one should do regular pest control in their homes.

Pest Control Charges for cockroaches

Cockroach Pest Control Charges

Roaches are the most annoying among the entire pest community. These reddish-brown beings are always crossing our paths of leading a happy and satisfied life. These potential disease spreaders are found in all kinds of filthy and unhygienic places, on debris, stale food, dead and decaying matters.

Mostly, cockroaches are responsible for spreading diseases like food poisoning, typhoid, and dysentery and compromise the overall sanity of the house and jeopardize the health of your loved ones.

So, in order to avoid these menaces the most effective and scientific way out is consulting Pest Control. Now in many cases, the issue is budget, in that note let us tell you that Pest Control Service charges is absolutely pocket-friendly.

While, pest control services in Kolkata for cockroach control can cost as much as Rs 1099, or, Rs 900 – 1000, GBP offers you the best pest control services in exchange for only Rs 999. They are effective, fall within the budget, user friendly, and the most important, have no side effects.

All these effects make them the best service provider in town without any doubt. Annual pest control charges subscriptions are also available for 3 BHK and 4 BHK places according to one’s needs. And for clearing out further doubts, here’s the cockroach control cost chart.

Cost Sheet of Cockroach Control Service

2 BHK Rs. 899.00 Rs. 2,999.00
3 BHK Rs. 999.00 Rs. 3,199.00
4 BHK Rs. 1,199.00 Rs. 3,999.00


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