Mixer Grinder Repair Tips

Mixer grinder is the life of every kitchen, and without it, no dish can possibly be cooked. Mixer grinders are meant for grinding and blending both solid as well as liquid ingredients. But every appliance shows some mechanical errors at times and same is with the mixer grinders as well. Even if you are buying the best mixer grinders in India, faults can still trouble you at the time of cooking. It is better to be aware of the solutions to fix your mixer grinder without the need of calling any professionals.

In this article, you will know about some of the common problems that originate with mixer grinders and their solutions.

Jar Leakage Problems

Jar leakage is so far the most common problem that originates with the mixer grinders. There are a few reasons why this issue might arise with your mixer grinders. The first reason for jar leakage might be due to lose blade installation in it. If the blade assembly is not fixed properly onto the jar, the leakage issues will eventually arise. For resolving this issue, you can just use a screwdriver to tighten the assembly of the blade within the jar.

Secondly, if the rubber gasket is worn out, the leakage issues might be experienced. Talk to your brand if it is still under warranty period. If not, then you can get a new rubber gasket and replace it on your own without much hassle. Any hardware store can provide you with a new gasket for your mixer grinder.

The final possible cause for the jar leakage might be due to the crack in it. If you have accidentally dropped the jar multiple times which is common in the kitchen, it might have experienced some cracks. You won’t get to see them unless you find it leaking. There is no alternative to fix the cracks as you will have to replace the jar completely.

Slow Running Blades

The motive of buying the best mixer grinders in India is to get faster churning or grinding results. If the blades are not running at full speed even with the maximum regulator speed, then there is definitely a problem.

The common reason for this problem is food clogging in the blade assembly. If you have not cleaned the assembly for a long time, it will eventually get slower over time as there are obstructions that are opposing it to move faster. The solution is easy as you just have to disassemble the blade and clean it properly.

Even though the solution is easy, you still need to get it done soon as running the blade at low speed is putting a strain on the motor, which will cause bigger problems if not rectified soon. Use warm water for scrubbing the blades and then place it back onto the assembly. You would find the blades running at their usual speed, which means your problem is solved.

Overload Shutdown Problems

It is yet another common problem that originates in almost all mixer grinders. Just like you check all the specifications while buying the best water purifiers for home, keep in mind to check the motor capacity of the mixer grinders while buying them.

Most of the mixer grinders come with automatic shut down or shut-off feature whenever the grinder or jar is overloaded. There is a circuit breaker embedded in all modern mixer grinders that cut off whenever you overload the appliance. It is troubling but is installed for keeping the machine as well as the user safe from accidents.

The only solution is to reduce the quantity of materials present in the jar and get the mixing done in multiple rounds. ‘If you are looking for more convenience where you want your grinder to handle the heavy load for grinding, look for one that has high capacity motors. Remember to leave the grinder idle for 30 minutes post overload cut off before you can use it again with a lesser load.


These are few of the things that you must keep in mind in order to solve the mixer grinder problems at ease. All appliances come up with certain hassles at times, but there is a definite solution to get them rectified without running for in-depth repairs. Buy the best grinders of top brands to ensure no functionality hassles at all.

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