importance of social and emotional learning

This COVID 19 pandemic has disrupted our school and social life. It has really hit us on the deeper levels. It has given us the true meaning and understanding of life. It has curated the importance of social and emotional learning in today’s time in a student’s life to cope up with challenges, emotional setbacks and to make mindful decisions. India is one of the countries badly affected and is struggling to resolve the crisis and adapt to the new environment. According to World Bank statistics, nearly all nations responded to this public health crisis by closing their schools, which affect approximately 80 % of the global educational population. Though children are less vulnerable to COVID-19 diseases, staying away from school contributes for children, especially those who depend on schools as a healthy learning environment, for nutrition programs and for the fulfilment of their social and emotional needs.

Parents are required to take extra care of their mental well-being in addition to keeping themselves and their children physically healthy during the pandemic. Extended obligations of home schooling and establishing a healthy learning atmosphere can take a significant toll on the overall health of parents, in addition to professional commitments and household chores. We become better able to handle stress and anxieties and resolve obstacles when we practice and develop our own social-emotional skills such as self-control, emotional regulation, and social knowledge.

Adults like teachers, parents, principals play an important role in teaching students the importance of social and emotional learning but they themselves are dealing with their own stress. COVID 19 has physically distanced the institution. Therefore, it is difficult to educate how important it is to empathise and sympathise. However, the importance of the well-being of principals, teachers, and school management is not a new concept. Over the years the school committee and management have been looking after the well-being of their teachers, management, and non-teaching staff.

A certain amount of stress and anxiety are common for educators as they deal with so many students in a day. But this pandemic had worsened the situation even further. Now even teachers, school administrators, are struggling a lot in giving the best education to their students. This is one of the many reasons why top 10 schools in Faridabad organise a webinar for their teachers on effective learning and managing stress in the times of COVID 19. All these webinars focus on giving effective means of learning and teaching at this time.

Many of these webinars were personally organised by the school management to enrich teachers with innovative ways of teaching to students. But in this time of global crisis, they have efficiently managed to organise it online. It helps teachers in so many ways like”It promotes trust, community togetherness, and collective efficiency among staff.

Giving agency to teachers to practice their social, emotional, and cultural competencies, etc. These are done either by conducting virtual staff-meetings, community-building routines, etc.

The best schools in Faridabad first offer social and emotional learning to their teachers and then to their students. For the simple reason that they can manage their own stress and comfort themselves with all the upcoming changes. SEL isn’t a one-time thing. One needs to constantly attend it and practice all its teachings so that all the important members of the school can make mindful decisions without much effort.

Teachers, principals, and other members of schools are encouraged to build relationships, work mutually by sharing workload efficiently, practice social and emotional learning with each other. Moreover, they will be taught the significance of taking a positive approach for every work they are supposed to do. These practices will ensure the execution of collaborative efforts more efficiently in a smoother manner.

According to the current syllabus of top rated schools in Faridabad, conducting webinars for teachers is one of the most necessary things. This is so because it will help teachers to understand the mode of virtual teaching on a deeper level. With the rapid increase in corona virus cases, all schools and universities were asked to be closed down by the Ministry of Human Resource Development.

These important lessons of Social and Emotional Learning can help a lot in a student’s and teacher’s life. These effective practices can sharpen their skills across communities as the whole objective behind these meetings and webinars is the self-growth of a teacher. Strengthening relationships, developing innovative teaching techniques, own social and emotional competencies can have a great influence on their respective life.

In this time of crisis, only humanity and brotherhood can save us. Imparting cultural, social, and emotional in our children and adults can help us in so many undefined ways. Education is the first step to empower oneself. So, let’s strategically plan on how to implement these important factors in today’s education systems.

We hope this article has given you a detailed understanding of the importance of Social and Emotional Learning. Let’s teach our students and teachers that we can get from this situation only by having empathy and sympathy towards each other. It will also help schools in large as teachers will also adopt student-centric techniques. On the overall level, this will further improve student’s results and their academic performances.


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