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Creating great content takes time and if you are a professional blogger then just having good writing skills isn’t enough. You also need to know how to enhance the commercial aspect of your content and how to make it saleable. In this guide we share some tips to produce content with good potential that can easily be discovered by search engine bots and loved by both Google and readers: 

Keyword research is the door to writer “profitable” content

After hitting the content idea the next thing is to research the potential keywords with high volume. The objective is to help search engine bots scan your content on related searches. After researching the keyword, study what’s the exact search intent of that keyword and write the content that precisely satisfies that intent.  

Best Keyword Research tools

  • Moz Keyword Explorer
  • Jaaxy
  • Google Search Console
  • Soovle
  • Ahrefs Keywords Explorer
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • SECockpit

Place keywords at strategic positions

 After you research the ideal keyword, position it at strategic places like subheading, title, pointers, bulleted list, image tags, etc. It is easier for search engine bots as well as the readers to notice our keyword on these positions hence it helps a great way in improving your SEO.

Best places to insert keywords

  • Page/Meta Title
  • Page/Meta Description
  • Keywords Meta Tag
  • Major places in content (First paragraph, headings, bulleted/numbered lists, etc.)
  • Post URL
  • Images (Use keyword-friendly Meta Tag)
  • Links

Proper use of Meta description

The Meta description refers to the first few words of your article that are visible right on the SERPs below the title (called Meta Title). Using the main keyword in your Meta title description has a positive influence on the visitors.

Make sure that your Meta description doesn’t deceive the readers by offering something bigger and better than the real value/scope of the content. The right and honest Meta descriptions allow the visitors to make informed decisions whether your webpage fully satisfies his immediate search intent or not. So it also influences the CTR of your webpage. For instance, right on the SERP page the visitors can read the meta description and if it does not fully satisfy his intent he will simply go to other sites which is better than clicking your webpage link and then hitting the back button (that earns you negative SEO points). 

Create human-friendly URLs

 As a blogger you write the content that offers solutions and tips and satisfies the specific objectives of your readers. So make sure that our URL gives a quick and concise idea of your blog post. 

By default, the URLs of your WordPress blog posts contain some letters and numbers. So it is very important to change them to a meaningful relevant woodchat that gives a quick idea of your content.

  • Click setting permalinks
  • Select the post name
  • Just below the main title, you would see the permalink
  • Change it to meaningful words to give a basic idea of your content.

Enrich your content with media

 By ensuring high-quality relevant ages and graphics in your intent you can keep the readers engaged for long and increase their session time. Google counts long session time as a positive indication that the readers love your site. 

  • For better SEO benefits add relevant keyword-friendly alt text each image that you add. Along with ranking on SERPs it also affects your position. I engage search images.
  • Make sure that your reasonable owner reduces the size of your image with the help of tools like tiny PNG. It helps in accelerating your site speed.

Use the mobile-optimized site

 Create a mobile-optimize diversion of your site as the majority of the visitors browse the internet on mobile and 6 out of every 10 searches are done on mobile devices. Optimize your mobile version for quick speed and top-notch user experience.

 In fact it has become all the more important after mobile-first indexing introduced by Google which means that Google considers your mobile version as one of the ranking factors for your sites- regardless of the devices on which the search is being conducted. In short, having a friendly mobile version can positively influence your ranking even on desktop devices.

 It thus makes the decision a no-brainer. You should optimize your site for mobile devices even if you expect the majority of traffic from traditional desktop devices. 

Make your content Voice search friendly

 With the increasing use of mobiles the trend of voice search is also experiencing decent growth. Voice searches now account for 20 out of every 100 searches. If that doesn’t sound very exciting then picture this- since 2008 the voice search has experienced a massive 350% of growth.  

 Your take: Make your content voice search-friendly by adding questions, speech friendly words, and uncomplicated small, quick and casual sentences.  


To gain a good readership for your blog you should create awesome content but it is equally important to consider that the content should be easy to be discovered on relevant search result pages. In this blog, we mentioned some of the best tips to create search engine friendly content without compromising on the quality. By following these tips you can produce excellent content that readers like and Google prefers to include in relevant searches.

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