Bike Protection in Monsoon

The rains are here in full swing and while they provide respite from the scorching summer months, they can also spell trouble for your two-wheeler. Mucky roads, slippery surfaces, and water logging can cause so many problems for the biker out on the road. However, all is not damp and gloomy. All you need to do is take the right steps to prepare yourself for a rainy day. With that in mind, this article lists out 5 handy tips to follow to protect your bike this monsoon season.

1. Check the brakes

Make sure to evaluate the condition of your brakes before and during the monsoon season. You can take your bike to an authorized service center to get this check done. Your brakes need to be cleaned and inspected for damage. Brake oil may also need refilling. It is generally considered good practice to always inspect the condition of your brakes at regular intervals throughout the year.

2. Get comprehensive bike insurance coverage

It is mandatory for all riders to have at least a basic third-party bike insurance policy in place. However, it is advisable to go a step further by opting in for comprehensive bike insurance.  A comprehensive bike insurance policy will take on financial and legal liabilities in the event of a road mishap as well as cover you against theft and natural calamities like floods.

3. Get suitable add-ons

When buying or renewing your bike insurance plan, make sure to add suitable riders to customize your coverage. Add-ons such as engine protection cover, zero depreciation, consumables cover, and roadside assistance can truly compliment your basic bike insurance policy.

4. Review the tyres

Your tyres need to be in top shape to be able to withstand the slippery and mucky roads that the monsoon brings. Make sure to check that the tread is deep enough to grip wet roads. If you ride your bike daily, do inspect the tyre pressure. In case you are a new rider, you can simply get your tyres inspected by an experienced mechanic.

5. Opt for covered parking

Now, this might be easier said than done. Afterall, if you live in a metro city, one can understand how hard it is to come by covered parking. Still, try to see whether you can work something out. For instance, if someone in your residential building or office will be away for a while, you can consider asking them for their parking spot. Or, you could simply buy a good quality bike cover suited for rainy weather.

Pro tip: Never park your bike under a tree as a branch can collapse in a storm and crush your vehicle.

These are some of the most important tips to ensure that your bike is all set to weather the rains. To ensure that you keep a copy of a valid bike insurance policy and bike registration papers in your two-wheeler storage compartment at all times. Ride safely and take care.

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