India’s first Vedic-themed park, called Ved Van Park, has recently opened its doors to the public in Noida’s Sector 78. The park was inaugurated by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. It stands on what was once a dump yard but has been transformed into a beautiful green space featuring over 50,000 plants mentioned in Vedic literature, such as banyan, kalpavriksha, and coconut.

Construction on the park began in January 2021, and with a budget of Rs 27 crores, it has been carefully designed to showcase various attractions. Visitors can enjoy laser and sound shows, wall paintings, and sculptures that depict excerpts from the four Vedic literary works: Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda, and Atharva Veda. The park aims to educate and entertain visitors, providing a unique experience.

Divided into seven zones named after renowned Vedic sages, including Kashyap, Agastya, Vishvamitra, Vasishtha, Atri, Gautam, and Bharadwaj, the park offers informative displays about the lives of these sages and the teachings of the Vedas. The walls of the park are adorned with vibrant depictions of scenes from the Vedas. Additionally, the park features a solar-powered gym and an amphitheatre.

For those seeking tranquility, meditation gardens within the park provide an ideal setting for yoga and finding inner peace amidst the serene landscape. The park also houses a Vedic Knowledge Centre, serving as a hub for exploring Vedic literature. Workshops and lectures on subjects like Vedic astrology, Ayurveda, and traditional Indian music are offered to visitors.

How to Reach Ved Van Park, Noida

Ved Van Park is conveniently located on Ved Van Road within Assotech Windsor Court in Sector 78 of Noida. The closest metro station is Sector 101 on the Noida Metro’s Aqua Line, just a short 5-minute commute away, allowing easy access for visitors. The park remains open all seven days of the week from 8 AM to 9 PM. A laser and sound show, intended to entertain and educate visitors, takes place at 7:45 PM daily.

Ved Van Park Timing for Laser Show

The laser show is another attraction for the people who are visiting Ved Van Park, Noida. The main purpose of this laser show is to educate the people about the Veda’s and Purna’s. Timing for the laser show depends on the season too. As per the resources, the laser show will start at 7 PM daily.

Ved Van Park Entry Fee – Ticket Price

There is no entry fee or ticket required to visit the Ved Van Park, Noida. You can visit the park any time during the visiting hours without paying anything.

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